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Why Display Ads are key in winning the battle for brand awareness

Standing out above your competitors is no easy task in today’s market. Even when you believe you offer a superior product or service, your brand won’t capture the hearts and minds of your target customers if rival brands are unchallenged in capturing their attention .

Launching display ads is an essential tactic for any brand serious about increasing its visibility and impact in their ideal customers’ lives. Also known as banner ads, we’ll help you understand just why focussing on display advertising can boost your brand’s chances in the market and increase your bottom line.

Is display advertising right for your brand?

Simply put, yes – that is, if you want to keep up with the competition. As 84% of marketers invest in display ads your brand is in the minority if it isn’t utilising this crucial method of increasing brand awareness.

This isn’t to say you should be following the crowd for the sake of it. Yet when you consider your own experience the chances are you can appreciate the benefit of display ads. For instance, when browsing the internet can you remember ever NOT seeing a display ad on a webpage?

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Target your brand’s perfect customers

Going further, can you remember seeing ads that felt totally relevant and specific to you – linked to your recent searches or completely in line with your long-term beliefs, needs or interests? We all have and, of course, this is a familiar experience for us all.

For example, if you’re interested in physical fitness then websites on this topic will likely display adverts that relate to exercise equipment, strength-building programmes or nutritional food products. In addition, ads on these themes might present themselves to you on websites of an entirely different subject matter as sophisticated, targeted advertising picks up your personal online behaviour. 

Display ads work exceptionally well at reaching the people your brand and your product will serve best, increasing the likelihood new customers will discover you and that your brand’s identity will be  more frequently visible in their day to day lives. 

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Display Ads increase the likelihood of brand strategy success

A Cost Per Click (CPC) system is usually applied when paying for display ads. This offers great value as you know those who click are interested in your product and brand. Naturally, not every click ends up in a purchase, yet it creates a touchpoint and increases brand awareness that could lead the customer to make future transactions.

Yet there is even greater value in using display ads when you consider how they complement other channels. Sticking with TV, there is more than a 25% probability that someone recognizes a television commercial if they have previously seen it on a digital platform.

So while it’s difficult to track how a TV ad for, let’s say, physical exercise equipment will result in a customer purchase – when screened in the commercial break for a healthy cooking show for example – using display ads fundamentally increases the chance the ad will catch their attention.

In fact, one survey shows that your ROI’s can increase by as much as 35% if you use a wide range of platforms, including TV. With its more sophisticated ability to reach a pinpoint target audience, display ads must be part of that brand marketing strategy. This provides confidence that the structure of your brand can remain strong when this tactic is embraced, using a solution that doesn’t blow your marketing budget.

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Invest in the right tech to manage your display advertising

Clearly there is some effort required to create display advertising which can be time-consuming and demand resources from marketing teams, with the right expertise and knowledge required to deliver optimal results. Such resources are often in short supply internally and with agency fees ever-rising, it’s easy to see why some brands avoid display advertising altogether.

Reassuringly, creating instant recognition by producing high-quality display advertising can be done by building ad templates and automating creation and publishing workflows. Achieving brand consistency across every digital channel and platform is within reach, as is a higher chance of brand awareness.

Our solutions support your display ad template creation and brand asset management, with technology that anyone can learn to use easily, so your marketing team can create ads aligned with your brand guidelines.

From here you can become quick, efficient and brand consistent with every asset as you begin to stand out from the crowd. So, when your customers consider whether they choose you or your rivals… there is no competition. 

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