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What part does the brand play in your company?

You probably heard the expression “The world would be a boring place if we were all the same”. Comparing this to a brand’s role might give you a better understanding of the functions a brand has in a company and how much branding actually matters.

Because if all brands in one specific market were 100% identical, wouldn’t consumer choices become more or less irrelevant?

Eye opener? Maybe so, but it establishes cause for why many believe a brand is more or less everything in a company. This is what sets the most successful brands apart from the crowd – they have anchored the brand in all parts of their business – with all employees, in their vision, in how they meet the consumers, their visual expressions and in all forms of communication.

Use your brand to capture your market position

If you end up standing in the shadow of your competitors, you won’t manage to reach your desired market position. However, the shortest straw isn’t drawn by chance. This is where brand building comes into play. Proper brand building is essential in making a good first impression and establishing desired brand expectations in the consumer’s minds.

When doing it right, you’ll create opportunities that allow you to stand out from your competitors and prove to your market why your brand is the best choice.

In other words, your brand is your company’s voice in your market, and if communicated correctly, it will give you a competitive advantage.

Use your brand to unify your company

If you as an employee do not have any affiliation to the company your work for or to your responsibilities, you can quickly end up feeling like a robot working on the assembly line. A well-defined brand can help to connect the company with its employees. You often hear from employees in large and well-known branded companies that they feel part of a team and are proud to actively promote the brand they work for.

As a unifier, your brand takes part in shaping, strengthening, and elevating the company culture.

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Use your brand for proper communication

Even though communication can be read between the lines in the sections above, it still deserves its own paragraph. A brand plays an essential role in any form of communication, both internally and externally. This includes both visuals, texts, and oral communication.

The brand shapes the company identity, and the discourse plays a vital part – meaning how your brand communicates in given circumstances.

When you have established the tone of voice, this is a factor that makes your brand recognizable and strengthens your market position.

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Use your brand to grow your business

Together and individually, your employees and proper communication will be part of strengthening your brand. Directly this may also affect your company’s opportunities to grow.

If you let your brand play its part in the market as intended, you will see clear signs of growth. But for this to happen and for your brand to outrun your competitors, you must first make sure your brand’s role is properly established internally.

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Increased sale is often equal to increased turnover and growth. And in that sense, your brand can also play its part as a sales tool. Without a proper brand that is well established and has made a solid market footprint with the right brand associations, you will not see any major effect in your sales numbers.

In other words, a properly managed brand will contribute to increased sales and revenue. If your brand strategy is carefully thought out, your brand will be reaping the harvest of good work. If you establish the connection between the market and the consumers as you desire, it will directly impact your company’s ability to sell more.