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How to ensure brand consistency with digital asset management

Brand consistency is fundamental in building a strong brand.  You might think to yourself that this is easy if you are determined enough. However, studies shows that only 25% of companies have formal brand guidelines and actively enforce them.  

In other words, brand guidelines alone are not enough to secure brand consistency. Fundamentally, central, and local marketing must work in harmony. To do this, marketers must adopt and use a brand platform that makes it possible to have one single source of truth for all marketing and branding efforts.  Let’s have a look at how digital asset management is a central piece in this equation. 

Collect assets in one single location

It is not a secret that companies are challenged with assets spread all over the place, and remains a hidden secret for most stakeholders. This often results in time and resources spent on looking for assets that are never found, which in itself is unnecessary. Then you have the time and resources spent on re-creating the assets on top of this which is twice the waste. 

With a digital asset management system you’ll have one source of truth. One single system that collects, structures and distributes any digital asset with ease. 

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Make your assets available and ready to use

Ensuring 100% availability of digital assets is the first step towards brand consistency. Making them usable will transform the way you work. 

With the evolving needs to localization and personalization of marketing content, it is no longer enough to make assets available for download. Before you know it, you will have questions in your mailbox from colleagues requesting a different format, file type, language, message and so on. 

With a proper digital asset management system, brand management automation is piece of cake. Look for a DAM system that automatically transforms your assets into file types and formats pre-set by you. And while you are at it, look for a system that also allows your users to adapt assets to local needs. 

Now you have usable digital assets securing brand consistency in any market, across all platforms. 

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Central marketing, local execution

When you have all digital assets located and available in one single location, you’ll gain full control of both asset maintenance and distribution which ultimately gives you the brand control you need to secure consistency. 

Central marketing has overall responsibility for the brand. Local marketing, whether they are distributors, franchisees, partners, dealerships or agents, must make the marketing assets relevant for local use. Fundamentally, central and local marketing must work in harmony. 

With the help of a digital asset management system, local marketers will have access to an easy-to-use brand, including guidelines, assets and templates. With a proper digital asset management solution, customizing, adapting and creating local marketing collateral is easy – and you never have to worry about compromising your brand identity. 

The benefits for the marketing teams include:

  • Brand consistency based on approved brand templates
  • Simple access to all digital assets
  • Digital assets are always up to date and available
  • No more ad-hoc tasks that steal valuable time
  • No local design agency costs thanks to self-serviced templates
  • Streamlined workflows for content creation, resulting in a shorter time to market
  • Increased company efficiency