Brand Activation Management

Time-consuming tasks you can ditch with BAM

It’s always busy around this time of year, and if your teams are struggling to meet urgent deadlines, then they’re not alone. With that in mind, we’ve identified some of the most time-consuming tasks in marketing and how your teams can tackle them without working overtime.

When workloads are high, resources are low and deadlines are tight, BAM by Papirfly™ can help take up the slack with a whole suite of innovative time-saving features. 

Time-consuming tasks you can ditch with BAM

#1 Sending large files

Where time is wasted

Compressing, packaging, waiting, uploading, downloading. These might not seem like much on their own, but when a deadline is approaching, every minute watching an ‘uploading’ screen feels like an hour. Throw a slow connection and large file sizes into the mix, and those minutes move even slower.

How BAM can save it

By removing the need to send large files in the first place! With a safe and secure DAM built-in, BAM allows you to store the assets you create before giving you the opportunity to share them with the wider company, or set specific access permissions to the teams who need them.

#2 Outsourcing everything

Where time is wasted

While agencies can give you an endless bank of creativity, strategic thinking and other expertise, back-and-forth approvals over minor amends is not the best use of their time, or yours. Although it may seem counterintuitive, outsourcing less of your work will help you get better value for your agency budget.

How BAM can save it

With BAM, you can empower your teams to create more in-house at the same quality you’d get from your agency, in a matter of minutes. The innovative template feature keeps their work constrained within your brand guidelines while still giving them freedom to create. Taking the simple routine tasks in-house saves agency time from being spent on what your teams can do themselves and frees-up their expertise for what they’re best at.

#3 Disjointed approval processes

Where time is wasted

Every marketer has been there. When lots of people (possibly too many) are involved in a project, and all of them need to give their input across a range of materials, staying on top of feedback becomes a complicated business. Without a streamlined approval process, comments can be missed, repeated or begin to contradict each other. This creates confusion instead of the clear actionable feedback your teams need for a successful campaign roll-out.

How BAM can save it

It can sometimes take several rounds of amends to get a campaign perfect. Without a way of structuring, documenting and sharing approvals with the relevant parties, comments and feedback can easily spiral out of control. With Papirfly, this doesn’t have to be the case. BAM allows you to automate digitised workflows within one portal where teams can access relevant assets, leave comments and receive feedback in a single location. The entire version history and audit trail are recorded, and marketing materials can only be released and shared once final approval has been given. You’ll also get extra peace of mind with the ability to notify stakeholders whenever assets are reopened post sign-off.

Are time-wasting processes holding your teams back?

Find out more about the features above and start streamlining your marketing today. Get ready for…

High-speed delivery

  • Create professional materials in a matter of minutes and be the first to respond to market demands.

Global localisation

  • Simplify campaign localisation and make sure all your materials land with impact.

Watertight consistency

  • Forget last minute amends and create consistency from the beginning by setting dynamic templates for asset creation.

Complete control

  • Keep teams and stakeholders in-the-loop and select who has access to certain assets.

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