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The better way

What does company culture look like? It’s much more than an office bar and quirky team photos on your website. Culture is something deeply embedded at an organisational, managerial and individual level – it’s a mindset and an effective way of working.

There are always going to be barriers in our working lives, the unremarkable and the unpredictable, waiting and ready to pounce and descend our effectiveness into chaos. Projects don’t always go to plan. Resources aren’t always available and budgets are often stretched or limited. Sometimes we run out of coffee. We adapt and we overcome. 

But when a business is continually faced with the same problems day in, day out, shouldn’t it be in the best interest of the team to invest time in unearthing a solution? If an issue affects even one person in a department, it has the potential to disrupt everyone down the line. Deadlines are missed. People get stressed. Nobody has a simple way of getting stuff done. 

Most intelligent software has been born out of taking an everyday problem and providing a solution that simplifies – Xero for accounting, Slack for project management and HubSpot for sales to name a few. But what about marketing? How are marketing teams supposed to keep up, create campaigns and take hold of their rightful market share?

Well, there is a way for marketing teams to work smarter, not harder. What we at Papirfly would call, the better way.  

Such an agile industry like marketing calls for an agile system. But when design needs to be governed from a brand consistency and creative perspective, can simple-to-use design software ever be truly agile?

The short answer is yes.

Our vision as a company for nearly 20 years has been to challenge the status quo and simplify the everyday. We understand creating marketing materials can be expensive, time-consuming and – let’s face it – an absolute nightmare to deliver on a global scale. Traditional methods of delivery just can’t keep up.

What our web-based software does is bring branding control, consistency and creativity into the hands of your team – without specialist expertise or support. It harnesses smart templates, which are programmed to give your team freedom to create what they need within a specified framework. Every format, every size, every type of asset they could possibly need – and they have the power to create it.

The designs are to an agency-standard, restrictions are in place to ensure brand identity is never compromised and it’s incredibly simple to use. Businesses can embrace new opportunities because teams are quick to react to market demands, rather than miss the boat due to restrictive budgets or turnaround times.

Of course not having to engage an agency every time you need something saves money, which is incredibly valuable. But the resources, stress and strategic thinking time it saves is priceless.

Does the better way mark the end for agencies?

Absolutely not.

If anything, the role of agencies is to become even more significant. When clients become more self-sufficient, budgets are freed to be reinvested. That money can be redistributed into more strategic work, high-level campaign planning and driving the brand forward.

The role of Papirfly is to ensure that when this incredible thinking reaches all corners of the globe, nothing has been misused, diluted or gone rogue.

Does the better way mean a change of culture?

For me ‘The Better Way’ is much more than a slogan, more than a call to action that agencies, retail marketers, employer brand teams and marketing teams can rally behind. 

I believe it looks to redefine the culture of businesses, to show on a grander scale how platforms and systems like Papirfly are bringing about a change to the mentality of work and helping everyone achieve greater all-round balance in their lives.

It’s an investment into business sustainability and your employees. 

When work becomes easier to execute, more gets done. Employees are more productive. Management is satisfied and everyone feels appreciated.

It would be contrived to say that a single piece of software can change the world, but what I can say is that it will change everything for your teams, for you and your brand. Having a local or global brand strategy is one thing – having the ability to deliver it is another, and having the ability to deliver it with ease is the reality you get with Papirfly.

When teams become more collaborative, more empowered and start producing amazing work, great things can and will happen.

People start to take full lunch breaks. Smile more. Leave on time. Have more space for thinking. Become better at their jobs. Are happier at home. Live more fulfilled lives.

And stuff still gets done.

Global governance is the better way.

Freedom to create is the better way.  

Trusting and empowering your teams is the better way.

There IS a better way. You just need to be ready to embrace it.