Brand Activation Management

Maximising BAM by Papirfly™ in tough times

In a short span of time, the Coronavirus crisis has completely altered the landscape for people, businesses and more the world over. Organisations, regardless of size, industry or legacy, are now being pushed to adapt to the circumstances to meet this unprecedented challenge, be it:

  • Employees working from home where they typically wouldn’t
  • Changing office layouts and policies to meet social distancing regulations
  • Adjusting the channels and messages broadcast to internal and external audiences

We are entering uncharted waters, which has sadly already caused the fall for many businesses. But now, arguably more than ever before, is the time for brands to get creative and maximise the tools at their disposal to help steady the ship in these troubled times.

That is where BAM by Papirfly™ can lend a hand. Our existing clients will already be aware of the scope that our all-in-one brand activation software covers, helping them create an unlimited amount of assets, share these with their teams across the globe and maintain total brand consistency. 

But, as the world adjusts to life with COVID-19, we would like to offer some timely advice for how you can truly unlock the potential of the BAM Portal to meet the unique challenges that these circumstances have produced. We hope this helps you thrive during this difficult period.

Expand your educate section 

First, now is the time to make full use of the ‘educate’ function of your BAM Portal. In typical times, this would be the home for key documents such as brand guidelines, EVPs and company policies, ensuring that your teams worldwide have a single source of truth for everything affecting your brand and are keeping things aligned.

But these aren’t typical times. Now, your educate section can and should act as a powerful repository of information for employees and other stakeholders about your brand’s approach to managing crisis situations.

At a time where confusion and contradiction are rampant among workers over how the Coronavirus affects them and their livelihoods, using this element of BAM by Papirfly™ to house vital information about company policy will help provide the clarity that people are crying out for, and minimise disruption to your day-to-day processes.

Examples of what additional documents and assets you’d incorporate into your educate area could include:

  • Governmental guidance related to COVID-19
  • Guidelines and procedures for working from home
  • Any updated company policies
  • Important notifications for employees and BAM users

Uploading these to your portal, with specific permissions available to ensure employees in a particular location or department only have access to the information relevant to them, will provide a great deal of reassurance and keep everyone on the same page on your company’s position. Remember – we’re all in this together.

Create crucial assets

While some brands and organisations have reacted to the Coronavirus outbreak by shutting off their messaging completely, others we feel are rightly recognising that it is more important than ever for companies to be actively producing materials for employees, customers and other audiences.

This is when your BAM Portal’s capacity to create on-brand assets efficiently and cost-effectively will pay dividends like never before. Team members, regardless of design experience, will able to produce tailored campaigns and assets for the situation at hand, whether it’s leaflets to be shared internally or marketing emails for your customers. 

With new information and guidance coming to light practically every day, having this portal gives you the power to quickly react to the news, adjust assets accordingly and engage with your audience, letting them know you’re on top of the situation. And, with users able to access the portal from anywhere, this can be achieved easily by your team members working from home.

Plus, with only 8% of consumers stating that advertising should stop in these circumstances, there’s a clear indication that people will continue to look to their preferred brands for information, reassurance, or simply to try and inject some normality into this increasingly solemn landscape. BAM will help you continue to meet their expectations.

Centralise your materials

As well as creating an abundance of bespoke materials for this new environment, it’s critical that these can be housed in one centralised location. Right now, your portal’s dedicated DAM facility will be essential to getting the tailored COVID-19 materials and campaigns out to your teams across the globe, as this remains a worldwide crisis.

Of course, different territories will have different government responses to Coronavirus and be impacted by it to varying degrees, so these assets will likely need to be adapted from your HQ in accordance with these as well as other cultural and language-based considerations.  

This would then be an opportunity to take advantage of the Store & Share’s ‘DAM’ ability to adjust who is able to access what materials. This will help ensure that there are no crossed wires between regions and that your team members only use on-brand content relevant to their location. With conflicting messages a central theme of this outbreak, staying consistent is paramount. 

Get ahead on campaign planning 

Finally, even if it’s hard to envisage right now, it’s crucial we don’t lose sight of the future. These current circumstances won’t last forever, and when everything is resolved, the brands that stand to benefit the most will be the ones ready to hit the ground running on the other side. 

So use BAM by Papirfly™ to get ahead on creative and strategic planning for campaigns, both now and following the present situation. With the ability to manage, plan and organise these across your international teams and assign newly created assets to these, you can put yourself in a position to immediately engage your audiences, be they customers, recruits or the wider public, when we return to some form of normality. 

In the meantime, this functionality could also potentially support a sustained social media or email marketing campaign geared around your brand’s perspective on COVID-19, ensuring you remain authentic to your values and characteristics.

Harness the power of BAM by Papirfly™

Has this has given you some food for thought over how BAM by Papirfly™ can play a key role in navigating these difficult circumstances? Whether you’re very familiar with our systems or don’t use them as much as you could, we hope that these suggestions can help your brand manage this challenge and come out the other side stronger than before.

If you’d like to discuss any of the suggestions we’ve put forward, contact your client success manager to explore these in more detail.