Brand Activation Management

How to pitch BAM software to your boss

You’re ready to put your big idea forward and start making a real change for your brand and marketing team. But you need to get through senior management first.

  • How do you prove the effectiveness of software they haven’t seen yet?
  • How do you demonstrate return on investment?
  • How do you prove this isn’t another fad, but a significantly better way of working?
  • How do you justify the cost to people outside of the marketing team that may not be able to visualise the bigger picture? People that may be in the process of making cuts?

We understand your time is already stretched, and putting together a business case is the very last thing you need. That’s why we’ve put together a download containing everything you need to get the ball rolling. 

We’ve also put together a dedicated slide that will help retail marketers and employer brand teams make their presentations more industry relevant.

The ‘why’?

The fact you’ve made it to this point demonstrates you understand the value of BAM by Papirfly™. You see that it’s a long-term, valuable investment into the future of your brand. You are pioneering for positive company-wide change. But why should any of your bosses sit up and take notice?

When talking through the pitch, ensure you remain confident and professional, but not sales-y. This isn’t a typical piece of software – this is positively changing the way you approach marketing production forever. It’s a big deal, and your opening statement needs to demand attention.

At the very beginning of your pitch deck, we’ve given you a powerful positioning piece that addresses the problem you’re trying to solve, without being too negative. It’s a call for change, and to embrace innovation for the greater good of the brand and company.

The solution

You may be tempted to go into lots of detail about BAM by Papirfly™. But try not to do this unless prompted. The reality is that the people you are pitching to only need to understand the topline information surrounding what it is; the main focuses should be on how it will benefit the organisation, the problems it will solve, and that it won’t cost them any more than they are already spending. 

That’s why we’ve given you some top-line benefits and name-dropped some of our world-renowned customers so that your senior management team can see just why they should take your pitch seriously.

The financials

If you can prove that BAM by Papirfly™ will not only save money, but make teams more productive, without having to invest heavily, you’ll immediately break down the biggest barrier in the minds of key stakeholders such as CMOs, CFOs and CEOs. 

While BAM by Papirfly™ will be able to help you deliver more output than you’ve been able to afford in the past, it’s important to back up any claims with evidence. We’ve included real-world examples within the PDF, but feel free to create your own versions using your existing rates.

The time-saving

We’ve included a dedicated section on how BAM by Papirfly™ helps teams go to market quicker. Though this is a huge benefit for the marketing department, from an SMT perspective, it helps to reduce dead time and lengthy turnaround times – a major source of bottlenecking on projects and a costly expense. 

We’ve included the below infographic to illustrate just how much time can be saved. This is a great tool to help senior management understand just how many moving parts there are to a single campaign. 

The bigger picture

Ensure the recipient of your presentation understands that this solution isn’t just going to benefit the marketing department, but also the wider organisation. Branded documents of any kind can be easily created, edited and shared. 

So while this solution is primarily a marketing and brand solution, it is also a comprehensive business tool in that it can support multiple departments with content creation. These departments can have access to their own templates and use them as they see fit.

The independence

Management teams will have more time for strategic thinking and guidance as other members of the marketing team will be able to easily create and get campaigns to a much more progressed stage than they usually would. 

There will be less hand-holding and micromanagement, meaning senior employees would be able to concentrate more on higher-level tasks. Having a lot of the menial tasks taken from them will also help to create a more positive working environment and contribute to employee retention.

The future-proofing

The details covered in the pitch will all help to build confidence in what you are proposing, but you will need to work on how you make it fit into your company’s long-term strategic vision. 

Making reference to terms and goals you’ve been told about will help stakeholders resonate more with the language you’re using, and help them visualise how this proposal fits in with and supports their plans. 

Dealing with objections 

You should expect to meet some level of resistance, and provide all responses in a calm and considered manner. Be confident in your convictions and reasoning, but by preparing for questions and a level of criticism you can prepare for all eventualities. 

Try to be objective when preparing your presentation, and put yourself in the shoes of the people hearing your pitch. We’ve ordered the pitch to break down any barriers they throw at you.

Good luck and get ready to embrace BAM by Papirfly™!

You should now have all the tools and information you need to put up an indisputable pitch. 

The power of BAM speaks for itself, but sometimes those at board-level need a bit of extra convincing. If you have anything in mind you think will help you with your pitch, get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to help.