Brand Activation Management

Help your marketing teams beat burnout with BAM

How streamlining your asset creation with BAM (Brand Activation Management) by Papirfly™ can prevent one of the biggest challenges facing marketing teams today.

Burnout is the result of building stress, to the point where you lose the ability to cope. It can have huge negative effects on mental and physical health, not to mention the productivity and overall well-being of your team. The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes burnout as ‘a mental health phenomenon characterised by feelings of low energy or exhaustion’.

When there are multiple projects on the go – all time-sensitive, and all needing to be delivered to the highest possible standard – burnout is going to be a strong possibility. It’s a challenge that’s becoming more and more common for people who are incredibly passionate about what they do, especially in fast-paced roles like marketing and communications. It’s also one of the top reasons that marketing teams lose their best employees to competitors.

As burnout can be due to a number of different challenges, it’s hard to pinpoint one exact cause. We’ve identified three of the biggest reasons for burnout in marketing and communications, and the simple ways that BAM by Papirfly can help you prevent them:

#1 Unmanageable workloads

There has never been a more interesting time to be in marketing and comms. But with more opportunities to reach consumers, come more assets, bigger workloads and shorter deadlines. For too many marketing teams, this has meant rushing through to-do lists and working longer hours to get campaigns out on time – an approach that’s never sustainable for long.

The solution? BAM’s immediately intuitive features give you the capability to organise your marketing assets, briefs and timelines using a beautifully simple campaign planner. It means you’ll never lose sight of any important details that can often slip through the net in busy times and allows your teams to become more autonomous. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

#2 Inconsistency

When there are lots of people working on a campaign at the same time, there is always a danger that ideas can be interpreted in different ways – leading to inconsistency in your marketing materials. This adds to strain on approval processes and often means more time spent making last-minute changes before a deadline.

BAM is your single clear source for everything your team needs to create marketing materials that align with your brand’s core values, tone of voice, design guidelines, colour palettes and mission statements. It allows you to quickly educate your teams about creating on-brand assets, and provides them with the right tools to implement them effectively. No panic changes needed.

#3 Wasted time

In marketing, time is always of the essence. But too often, teams are spending their most valuable resource approving and amending routine asset creation. Working with studios and agencies is essential for every global brand, but when you’re constantly using them for simple jobs and minor updates, you begin to eat into time and budget that could have been spent on things like campaign planning, strategic thinking and creative.

With BAM, your teams have the tools they need to create studio-quality assets in-house, without any specialist training or support. The full asset creation suite allows them to produce everything from social assets, videos and emails, to posters, brochures and presentations. The suite gives you full control of templates and locks-down elements to make sure everything your team creates is 100% on-brand. Fast in-house asset creation is the key to clearing those approval backlogs keeping you up at night. 

BAM by Papirfly can transform costly, complicated processes into one beautifully streamlined approach.

  • Create ready-for-market assets in-house (in a fraction of the time)
  • Find all the tools they need, all in one place
  • Have a bird’s-eye-view of workflows and productivity
  • Reduce the need for outsourcing
  • Achieve work/life balance while boosting productivity

Burnout has the potential to derail the world’s best marketing teams. That’s why over 200 of them (including, Unilever, IBM and Coca-Cola) use BAM to streamline their asset creation and empower their teams with the tools for a more effective – and much less stressful – way of working.