A bird’s-eye view of your brand

Plan & Collaborate

Oversee and align your organisation around key campaigns and the core marketing materials that serve them

Brand Activation Management enhances

your brand’s operations with

Plan & collaborate

Campaign planning

Set up activity, monitor campaigns and easily group assets to assess their impact as a collective. Create briefs, tag marketing materials and organise efforts to align with your overall strategy.

Real-time overview

Gain a bird’s-eye view of all activities, with a live dashboard providing visuals on all overarching campaigns and timeframes, so all aspects of every campaign are on the calendar and you can keep things on track – globally and locally.

Plan & collaborate
plan & collaborate

Cross-team collaboration

Empower teams to work together in the most effective way, providing clarity on who is assigned which tasks and streamlining all creative requests to increase all-round communication across the brand.

Approval workflows

Improve clarity for day-to-day processes, eliminating bottlenecks with the ability to annotate work tasks, easily review and notify teams – speeding up approval processes and delivery of key assets.

plan & collaborate

“With the implementation of Papirfly, we set the foundation for a new marketing approach. Instead of time-consuming communication between HQ and the countries, everyone benefits from the simplified processes and can access the system at anytime from anywhere”

Anna Ryszka
Digital Marketing Manager, Grenke AG

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Prepare everyone across your business to champion your brand with an undisputable single source of truth – cultivating a consistent, global experience of what your brand stands for.

Effectively organise marketing operations and plan, approve and assess multiple campaigns – governing usage across all touchpoints and giving marketing teams a clear sense of direction.

Customise templates so all digital and print collateral is already pre-approved for studio-quality asset creation by in-house teams – offering peace of mind and creating a responsive brand for your global customers.

Access insightful reports and identify trends and market needs through user-level analysis – comparing different campaigns and gauging success with full visibility of asset creation and volume to guide future output.

Create a home for your brand with BAM by Papirfly™