Branded emails, made by you.

An easier approach to email marketing.

You need to email a marketing communication. You want to reinforce your brand, add a logo, images, colours and a headline. Do you have to engage a specialist to produce it? Not any more.

Branded emails are now super easy to create. Using Papirfly it becomes simple to create new branded emails, add links to websites and documents and it includes tracking analysis.

Visuals and headlines can be pre-set, giving the user selectable content from a dropdown menu, alternatively allow copy to be editable. With control in-house, you can be nimble, responsive and well positioned to maximise your brand’s full potential.

Perfect email marketing, every time.

Your brand, reputation and success is very important to us, so we deliver an email marketing experience designed to get you exceptional results.

We'll work together to ensure we deliver the best possible digital assets to every end-user. Control and optimisation = success.

Brand consistency and control.

  • Produce on-brand, creative HTML emails in a matter of moments, adding links to websites and documents.
  • Review, edit and re-use previous campaigns.
  • Benefit from brand consistency, no mistakes.

  • Enjoy a comprehensive look of all your email marketing with a top line view showing usage and trends, or review specific campaigns.
  • With no agency queues, your team can be more responsive and faster to gain a competitive edge.


Instant production.

Create professional HTML emails in an instant.

Guarantee brand consistency.

Only the correct fonts, colours, layouts, images, photos etc can be used.

Intelligent templates make it super simple to change sizes, languages, colours, images, sectors and more.


Share, support and inspire.

Enjoy a birds-eye view of all email marketing activity. See all current, previous and pending HTML email campaigns.

Support and inspire teams, save on duplicated effort too.

Educate, share and create marketing solutions with colleagues and stakeholders, anywhere in the world, at any time.


Tested across all platforms.

Intelligent templates make it incredibly easy to produce professional quality email marketing.

Add URLs and links, all with a few simple clicks.

Measure the impact of your campaign with reporting tools.

Tested templates, across multiple platforms, like Outlook, Gmail and Mobile devices.


Security, innovation.

Built on proven, secure technology, we're very proud of our easy-to-use web-based branding solution.

Papirfly takes care of all system security and back-ups, so whatever you create remains available, anytime.

We invest heavily in research and development. Just like your marketing, Papirfly doesn't stand still. Through software upgrades and constant innovation, we'll help you stay ahead.

We ensure you have the best tools to manage your marketing your way, simply and easily.