Achieve global brand governance

  • Establish one single source of truth across your entire organisation
  • Deliver consistent corporate branding without the need for specialised skills
  • To master brand governance – there is a better way

Strengthen day-to-day marketing operations with our unique solution

Educating everyone

Employees understand brand identity, including guidelines and values, creating global brand ambassadors in every role

Guaranteed consistency

On brand with every asset, using pre-defined templates for every need across all corporate marketing activity

Rapid response

In-house asset creation with speedy approval processes for responsible global brands

Corporate marketing tool

How it works

  • Create and activate unlimited assets for any consumer-facing endpoint — digital and physical
  • Increase consistency with pre-defined templates aligned to every aspect of your brand, accessible in all locations
  • Speed up creative processes by integrating every essential workflow element with our template technology


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“Having Papirfly now has allowed our markets to feel more empowered, and, for us, the way that we work with our markets and our global employer brand community is a lot easier.”

Sophie Haynes
Global Employer Brand Manager

How does Papirfly empower global brands and corporate marketing teams every day?

Brand Hub

Anyone representing any brand has access to one digital home – a single source of truth clearly defining what it means to be on-brand.

Keep international teams aligned with brand guidelines, so the visual identity and company values can be communicated and delivered with consistency.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Store, save and share from a detailed library of images, campaigns and more – corporate branding is protected with a clearly defined collection of assets, ready to use.

Ensure everyone has access to the assets they need by permitting usage according to region and role, among other parameters. An up-to-date repository ready to create corporate branding materials, using pre-defined template technology to meet strategic needs.

Use our DAM to manage your corporate marketing
Create smarty templates to manage brand consistency in your corporate marketing

Custom design templates

Simplify asset creation for corporate branding with intuitive digital, print and document templates.

Give global teams the tools to quickly create collateral. Smart templates provide unlimited possibilities and complete brand governance – without the need for specialist support.

Multichannel digital assets

Speedily create assets for social media and utilise customised, pre-approved templates enabling in-house teams to create studio-quality collateral, without agency support.

Achieve the reputation of being a responsive brand and capture golden opportunities to engage global customers across all channels, remaining on-brand at every touchpoint.

Corporate marketing through multi-channel digital assets
Make sure your corporate marketing is on brand in your printed materials

On-brand print material

Respond to trends in real-time with pre-defined templates for brochures, signage and large format print.

Increase autonomy in every location, creating only what is needed for unique sites, reducing costs and waste.

Video branding and editing

Maximise engagement both internally and externally with on-brand videos.

Beautifully simple software enabling easy editing of content for websites, social media channels and digital ad campaigns – no expertise required. Customise creations at speed to show a responsive attitude to events inside and outside the industry.

Make sure your videos are following your corporate marketing guidelines

Languages and localisation

Keep every location on-brand whilst being able to embrace the cultural nuances of their region or local community.

React to unique events, seasonality and local competitor activity whilst staying aligned to global market strategy. Translate key assets for global use and allow international teams to shine, using a platform in their native language.

Integrations for distribution

Connect all systems for print, social media, email, banner ads, digital signage, apps, website and more.

Give teams every chance to action smooth workflows every day to hit all marketing strategy goals. Create on-brand merchandise for everyone to live and breathe the brand, and produce stunning event materials for any business that intends to shine brighter than the competition.

Discover a better way to gain brand governance

  • Empower teams to deliver a speedy and consistent brand experience
  • Do more for less, and create value with every asset produced
  • Gain control and grow globally whilst maintaining a localised experience

Brand story

See how IBM has aligned global teams with their brand

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