Release Notes 1.1 – February 2024

 In our first release of 2024 discover new features across all five products, critical improvements and bug fixes to ensure we deliver an exceptional user experience. 

Specifically focusing on optimising workflows and empowering user to create an array of on-brand designs. 

For the creatives there are now options to add subtitles to videos, create email and digital banner templates and more. 

For marketeers, new integrations with key marketing tools are now available for an enhanced user experience. 

For mangers, reporting on Papirfly’s capabilities has gotten a makeover, with six new reports available on the dashboard

We’re focused on building Papirfly into the integrated platform that serves all the various stakeholders across the organisation who are responsible for managing looking and maintaining the brand. 


(Release 19th February 2024)

Template collection widget

New Feature

Point admins can display templates from Produce into the Point brandhub easily using the template collection widget. Similarly to the asset collection, the template collection allows Point admins to organise the display of Produce templates using a simple search. The collection can be arranged as columns, grids or tiles and stylised by size, fill, colour and spacing to create the desired look in line with other areas of the brand hub.

This new widget enables admins to create blocks where end users can easily access Product templates. The end users can preview and download the templates directly from Point without toggling through the various applications.

Adobe Fonts Available in the UI Builder

New Feature

Option to link Adobe fonts in the UI Builder, available to be used across the Point platform. This gives users the option to further customise their Point to maintain a consistent look and feel that reflects their brand. 

View PDF Assets in Point Application

New Feature

When browsing through PDF assets in Point, users may open the document and view the contents within the application without the need to download the document. This enables quicker search and a smoother user experience. 

Updated UI for “Edit User” in User Profile 

New Feature

The “Edit User” page layout has been updated. The page hosts all the same features presented in a more intuitive way for improved user experience. 


(Release 4th March 2024)

Subtitles for videos

New feature

Subtitles can be added to videos in Place either from a pre-prepared subtitle file or using the inbuilt AI to generate subtitles automatically. When creating new video assets in Produce from videos in Place, the applicable subtitles will always be available.

AI subtitle translations

New feature

Subtitles on videos in Place can be automatically translated using AI and also manually edited to include appropriate language nuances when necessary. Translations are always available when using the translated video to create new assets in Produce.


(Released 5 February 2024)

Email templates

New feature

With the importance of email marketing reaching an all-time high in the last few years, creating on-brand emails quickly is essential to effectively communicate new updates to customers and prospects. Email templates, with a combination of flexible and fixed elements are now supported on Produce.

Collaborating with their project manager, customers may build out a customised email template to their specifications that can be adapted to create an unlimited number of unique yet on-brand emails.

This empowers employees to create on-brand emails that suit their unique campaign requirements.

Digital ad banner templates

New feature

Digital ads displayed across websites, apps and more vary in size and arrangement and the content is regularly updated. What doesn’t change is the branding. Digital ad banner templates, with a combination of flexible and fixed elements are now available on Produce.

Collaborating with the project management team, flexible digital ad banner templates can be built allowing employees to adapt the template size, arrangement, style and content to fit their campaign requirements while keeping consistent to the corporate brand and digital designs.

New video output options optimised for Adstream and YouTube  


Videos have the option to be optimised for five new video sizes for Adstream and Youtube. These include Adstream HDTV, Adstream SDTV, Youtube 4K, Youtube 1080p and YouTube 720p. Generating optimised videos for these platforms is done automatically through the size option ensuring a quick workflow for end users.

Upload assets to documents directly


Users can now upload image and video assets directly into the Documents they create with Produce templates. This will benefit those without Place and/or don’t wish to manage specific assets in Papirfly’s DAM solution.

Images and video uploaded directly into documents are only available in those specific documents.

Archive templates and associated documents


Produce admins and Produce template admins have the ability to archive templates and associated documents preventing users from accessing, editing or downloading out-of-date document versions.

Duplicate templates


Produce admins and Produce template admins have the ability to duplicate templates and make variations for faster design workflows.


(Released 10 January 2024)

Option to delete assets 


Irrelevant assets in “Pending Review” or “Needs Change” status can be deleted from the list view in approval projects by the project owner.  

Upon deletion, a notification email is sent to reviewers assigned to the ongoing project. The assets are automatically removed from Plan approvals and set as “Deleted” in their Place archive ensuring asset consistency across products.

Edit local projects to new local unit


Local projects can be edited to new local units, only possible before any reviews or reviewers have been added. This ensures a flexible editing experience with certain controls to maintain project integrity.

Colour indicators showing campaign status 


The campaign status depicted by a colour indicator is shown in all instances when viewing the campaign.


(Released 5 February 2024)

Censored Personally Identifiable Information (PII) dashboard optionality

New feature

Customers may select between two versions of the set Prove Premium dashboards, either with or without PII data (“names”, “emails” and “user IDs”). This is a feature only available for the Prove Premium version, available for customers that require censored PII data.

New “Total count” and “Total unique count” widget


Dashboards have a new widget available on the dashboard showing the total count and the total unique count of their dataset.

Data showing month on month trends


The core widgets available on the dashboard calculate month on month (30 days) trends instead of weekly trends. This is also represented in a new graph that has been added to the dashboard showing monthly trends.

Updated filter names and dependencies


Some filters have been renamed for readability and/or been allocated dependencies for usability reasons. These include: 

  • “User department” changed name to “Unit”
  • “User role” changed name to “User group”
  • “Portal Product Name” is now dependent on “Portal Name”
  • “Page Name” is now dependent on “Portal Name”
  • “EventType” is now dependent on the designated dashboard


(Released 19 January 2024)

External DAM integration to Papirfly suite

New feature

Using a standardised processor, customers may now integrate their own DAM system with the rest of the Papirfly product suite. This means customers may continue using a preferred DAM and have the data be pulled into the required parts of the Papirfly platform. Depending on the DAM system, a unique API connector may be needed for this functionality.

Microsoft Office integration with Place

New feature

Company assets stored in Papirfly Place can be easily accessed in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint with the new Papirfly Place – Microsoft Office Integration. Navigating between applications to find the right images is no longer necessary, providing quicker workflows for your users.

Optimizely integration with Place

New feature

Company assets stored in Place can be easily accessed in Optimizely through this integration. Browse the library or search to find assets, and with the simple drag and drop functionality, use assets when creating your new webpage.

Inriver product information integration to Place

New feature

InRiver and Papirfly Place integration is available. Product information from Inriver can be captured and stored for images in Place and product images from Place can be retrieved and used in InRiver. 

In Place this allows users to search by specific product details and retrieve relevant images for quicker and more efficient search. In InRiver, it ensures relevant product images are shown automatically and accurately without manual configuration.

Streamlined onboarding to Place 

New feature

New customers wishing to take advantage of the Papirfly Place solution can now  migrate all their DAM assets into Place during onboarding in one to two weeks. This cuts fees, reduces delivery timelines and achieves the same excellent results.