Knowledge base

Using the list view overview

In order to use the list view overview, follow these steps

  1. Navigate to the Co-op projects overview
  2. In the left hand side of the overview, above Hieracrhy, click on List right next to Timeline (underneath the co-op projects title), and the overview layout changes
  3. In the List view you will have a more detailed view of all the projects available to you.

Here is an explanation to the tab elements you can find in the overview:

  • Title: Title of the project
  • Date range: The date the project revolves around (from-to date)
  • Responsible person – x: The team member responsible for a certain area of the project, for example marketing, design or video
  • Activity status: The current status of the project
  • Country: The country in which the project is related to
  • ‘Cogwheel button’: Allows you to change and restructure the settings tabs in the overview to your own preference
  • Did you know: By clicking on the cogwheel, you can adjust which tabs you would like to see in the overview (as seen above). You can add and remove tabs from the line.