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Overview of the Approval projects page

Approval projects offer an overview of all projects that are currently being worked on and are in the process of being either approved or rejected. On the first page there are several buttons and functions:

  • Creatives Approvals: All approval projects related to created material, such as material created within Produce
  • Place Approvals: All projects related to asset material. Having this material approved will add the material to Place afterwards.
  • List: A list view of all the approval projects
  • Activity: Activity log of all the approval projects
  • Filtering: Filter options for which approval projects to show
  • Search: Search option for finding approval projects in the list below
  • All creatives: Filtering option for selecting which approval projects you would like to see in the list below. Sort by status.
  • Creative name: Sort by name of the project
  • Status: Sort by status of the project
  • Due date: Sort by due date of the project
  • Created date: Sort by when the project was created
  • Requested by: Sort by the name of the requester
  • Reviews: Sort by the name of the first reviewer
  • Change page: Option to change to the next page to be able to see more approval projects