Content Management System (CMS)

Simplify your webpage management. Easily publish content online using one central CMS and online platform.


Give your teams the power to be autonomous

Whether you have one website and multiple landing pages or many global microsites, our bespoke CMS will streamline the way your employees update and manage content.

Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor

Publish content to websites, amend your dedicated portal and manage landing pages all from one central place.

Data that feeds design

Integrate your business information systems with your dedicated portal so teams can view, use and share key information for designs.

User permissions

Set different levels of administrative rights to govern who can update content, which pages they can access and to what degree changes can be made.

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Centralise your information

If your brand has multiple hubs of information, we’ll create a CMS that helps you connect the dots.
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Before using Papirfly, it was harder to achieve brand consistency across our markets. Now, it’s a lot easier to implement our global employer brand globally.
Read how Unilever empowered teams to achieve global brand consistency.
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Nothing to install. Your entirely web-based platform

Our SaaS model allows your team to access their bespoke portal anytime, anywhere. Create infinite designs under a single, annual licence fee.
Over 500,000 BAM by Papirfly™ users worldwide and counting

BAM by Papirfly™ is constantly evolving

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