Brochure templates

Produce flawless printed and digital presentations, pitches and brochures. Harness smart templates to build polished documents every time.


When there’s more to say, say it on brand

Prevent inconsistencies with predefined colour palettes, text styles and layouts. Now no document created in-house will look out of place or off brand.


Brochures and presentations

From internal business documents to product catalogues, it’s never been easier to make your collateral smart and sophisticated.

Multi-layout templates

Choose from designs with columns, tables, imagery, quotes and more. Simply drag and drop to add, remove and edit as you go.

Make it print-ready

Automate crops, bleeds and colour management for perfectly prepared print materials.

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Smart templates and population

Create multi-image layouts, promotions and more from your smart templates.

Switch out colours, copy, branding and imagery to adapt your campaigns for different markets and sub-brands.

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If someone hasn’t got Papirfly, get it. It saves time, saves money, it saves effort and it just allows everyone to be able to become an employee advocate.
Discover how the Vodafone team simplified their marketing production through a single platform.
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Learn everything you need to know in just an hour.

You don't need to be a design expert to create professional, studio-standard marketing. Under the guidance of a dedicated Papirfly expert, your training will give you everything you need to start creating. 

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