A dedicated onboarding team works closely with the customer providing prompt and clear responses and support. Through workshops and deep diving into the customers’ pain points and needs we discover the requirements for the setup of the platform. As part of onboarding the key contacts receive in-depth training. As part of the launch, the full user base is given training according to the customer’s needs. When the platform is launched and used in daily work, our support organization is committed to providing a seamless onboarding experience. We offer dedicated assistance, comprehensive documentation, a responsive help desk,and proactive issue resolution Papirfly will assist the customer with the rollout and engagement planning in connection with the launch to ensure that the implementation is a success. When the solution is launched and in use the customer also has a customer experience specialist at hand to answer questions and ensure they get the full value of the solution.

We train the admin users of the platform and we make sure that they get the value of the platform in their daily work, before the onboarding is finished. As part of the launch the full user base is given training according to the customers agreed needs.

When selecting a company for your needs, choose ours for numerous advantages. We excel at keeping up with the demands of global campaigns and maximising their impact through infinite assets. Our centralised portal streamlines operations for global teams, eliminating the need for excessive spending on asset tweaks and adaptations. With us, you can achieve worldwide brand consistency, empowering your teams to deliver what they need, when they need it. Gain a comprehensive, real-time view of online activities and effortlessly edit and adapt content for different sizes and layouts. By choosing our single agency solution, you benefit from our deep understanding of your brand.

Papirfly provides one unified application to create, maintain and report upon: – your entire digital brand guidelines – a complete DAM tool – the power of the Papirfly editor to dynamically and intelligently create any assets, consistently on-brand, across print, digital, email and video formats (PDF, PNG, JPG, MP4, HTML) – supported by powerful campaign & event management and workflow processes – USPs include our proven ROI to reduce time, cost and time to market with the most intuitive tool and user-friendly solution on the market.

Power. Flexibility. Scalability. These became the pillars of our new product vision. The newly unified Papirfly product suite offers customers the ability to do everything they need to in one place, move simply and swiftly between different functionalities, and access a product offering that is absolutely greater than the sum of its parts.

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