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Roadmap and Product Management

By visiting our Product Portal, you can submit your own ideas and feedback on what integrations and features you’d like to see in our products. Our Product team will review all submissions and using our Product Discovery methodology, identify the right features at the right time that solve the right problems.

Roadmap and Product Management

How to use the roadmap?

A roadmap provides a clear communication tool for Papirfly to share our plan with customers and other stakeholders, including team members, partners, and investors. Our roadmap ensures that everyone is aligned on our goals and the steps required to achieve those goals.

Roadmap and Product Management

How does Papirfly develop features?

Papirfly’s software delivery lifecycle takes into consideration qualitative and quantitative data, which means that we’re constantly delving into the data (both our customer and user data and usage data) as well understanding our customer’s and user’s needs and requirements to ensure that when we develop features, they’re the right ones at the right time that solve the right problems. You can get involved in feeding into our roadmap by visiting our RoadmapTV page and contributing to our Product Discovery.

Papirfly’s roadmap is ever evolving, and being updated. You can find more information about the features on our roadmap, their priorities, and when we expect to release them within the unified product on our Product Portal.

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