If you have already purchased Papirfly, contact your Customer Success representative. If not, contact sales who will give you a proper demo of the capabilities of Point.

This is currently on the roadmap. To view the marketing calendar, you invoke the Plan application from the toolbar available in Point. We will later develop a marketing plan widget where you as a Point editor can choose to show the marketing plan for either the whole or part of the company in any Point page.

Yes, you can. However, if you want to tailor the entire user experience to a specific brand, we suggest you create multipe Point sites. This can be done within the same client, and assets and templates can be shared between the Point instances.

Brand guidelines, also known as brand style guides or brand manuals, are a set of rules and instructions that define how a brand should be represented visually and verbally across different media channels. They serve as a reference and resource for maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that all brand elements are used correctly.

Yes, you can. Any page in Point can include a widget where you define which templates should be available on that particular page. Here you also define who is allowed to create new templates based on the master templates, as well as more detailed privilege settings.

Yes, you can. Point is the perfect place to document your design system. It links components designed and maintained in Figma with the javascript implementation in a specific framework such as React and Angular. How and when to use the different components is communicated in Point.

Yes, you can. Firstly, pages can be made publicly available to anyone. Secondly, you can give externals access to parts of Point through using user groups with limited access. Thirdly, you can share any page with a named external collaboration partner by generating a username and password for the collaboration partner for the specific page.

Yes you can. In any page, the Point editor can choose to include any assets from the DAM and display them in numerous ways. In addition, the editor can choose to include a DAM view, where the editor decides exactly which assets should be viewable in the page, by locking it through a predefined search, where the end user only can search within the boundaries of the predefined search.

You can view videos directly in Point pages, but if you need more advanced video features, with adaptive bit rate, heat maps etc, we recommend using one of the video streaming services we have integrated towards.

Yes, you can. Papirfly comes with a UI builder that enables you to skin Point in your own style, including fonts, colors, button appearance, grids, and much more. We can also add additional CSS for specific clients.

Yes, you can. All creatives you have made are available int two different places. 1. The page where you created the creative will have a list of all creatives made by you on that page. In addition, if you click on the “Produce” application in the toolbar, you will see all creatives made regardless of which page they were made in.

You have several options here. If the language versions are similar, we advice to use one Point instance for all languages. As an editor you can choose which pages should be published for each language. Each page created in any language is available in all other languages. This means that if the different language versions are totally different in structure and content, we advise to create multiple instances of Point.

Yes, you can. But then the page must be defined as “Public”. If so, you can upload an image, title, and description to the page admin to steer how the social media post will look like.

Yes, you can. If you, for instance, create a campaign page that should only be available for a limited time, and not before a certain date, you can define this on page level.

Yes, you can. You can make any page/branch of Point available without login. Please note that you cannot make creatives from templates in public mode. Please also note that reporting becomes worse, due to all downloads and page views is marked as “anonymous user”

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