Beyond the hype cycle

How AI will change brand management (for good)

We’ve seen and shared the power of AI – but how can we put the potential into practice?

Having been hailed as the solution to many problems within ‘Big Tech’, trying to implement AI to fix those issues comes with its own challenges. When it’s commonly stated that “AI can solve anything!” it’s worth posing some key questions:

  • Why is ‘now’ the coming of age for AI technology?
  • What does this mean for all of us today?
  • How could AI significantly impact our brands?
  • How do we get started?

Join this session to understand our panellists’ takes on how a practical and pragmatic approach to Artificial Intelligence (specifically Machine Learning and Generative AI) will change how companies manage, activate, and maximise the value of their brand.

– Host, Craig Unsworth, Chief Product Officer at Papirfly
– Huseyin Genc, Sr. AI/ML Solutions Architect, Private Equity at AWS
– Vivienne Hsu, Principal at Anabasis Partners
– Rebecca Ebberg, Brand Design & Communication at Bosch
– John Tarrant​, Managing Partner at DNA employer brand agency

Get beyond the hype cycle – take away actionable insights that will stimulate conversation around your board and dinner tables.

Date: Wednesday September 6, 2023
Time: 14.30 BST, 15.30 CEST, 08.30 EDT

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