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Will DE&I survive the storm? Fighting for diversity as a business priority

Despite 32% of CEOs claiming to prioritise ‘Workforce’ (Gartner) and major brands focusing on diversity metrics, many experts claim that 2023 marks a steep decline for diversity as a primary business consideration.

Monster reported DE&I being a low priority among recruiters, with only 5% considering it important, while 10% of business leaders feeling forced to cut diversity programmes during downturns.

Papirfly has teamed up with two global diversity experts for our one-hour panel as we ask:

  • To what extent have layoffs, an economic downturn and prioritising profitability led to DE&I being deprioritised?
  • How much top talent are brands missing out on by failing to match employee expectations of driving DE&I policies and progress?
  • What do companies stand to gain by driving DE&I as part of their on-brand culture, to consistently champion diversity in a competitive market place?


  • Emily Firth, Founder of TheTruthWorks and former head of Employer Brand at Booking.com, Jona Gjini, Global Employer Brand Leader, Ledger
  • Danielle Giannotti Papirfly Employer Brand Team, Papirfly 
  • Craig Unsworth Executive sponsor of the DEI&B Group, Papirfly

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