On-demand webinar

Maximise your PIM and boost your Microsoft Office docs

In this session, we have Fredrik Davidsson, Product Lead for Plus, who will be walking you through the latest integrations available in the platform to ensure your teams can access on-brand assets seamlessly, wherever they are working. 

Here’s what we cover:

  • Empower your teams to access on-brand assets within your Microsoft Office suite for slick slide decks and engaging documents.
  • Leverage your digital asset management tool to maximise the power of your Inriver PIM system.
  • Importing large amounts of new images no longer needs to take hours, now you can have the assets you need to activate campaigns quicker with the external DAM integration.  
  • Get a glimpse of what’s next on the product roadmap for Plus and uncover how your Papirfly platform will soon be able to integrate with the creative marketing tools in your tech stack


  • Fredrik Davidsson, Product Lead for Plus
  • Frank Tommy Brotke, Head of Product Marketing
  • Beccy Furness, Customer Marketing Manager

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