Assets stored and shared, by you.

Control and empower.

Our world-class Digital Asset Manager is used by some of the world's best brands.

Use it to store, retrieve, share and re-use your marketing assets. Every image, logo, video, animation, photo and more, all accessible in one central place.

Make it easy to find and re-use assets, create a supportive, efficient and collaborative working environment.

Empower employees and associates, wherever they may be.

Change the way you control and deliver your brand.

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Sophisticated asset management.

Watch the film, discover more about Papirfly’s DAM, a web-based media archive, perfect for storing, updating and sharing all your marketing assets.



Everything you need, accessed in one central place.

Create efficiencies and enjoy greater governance over your brand. Prevent out of date assets being used.

Guarantee quality. Papirfly automatically updates the image according to the usage, for example converting to a CMYK image for a poster or an RGB image for a web banner.

Empower teams, give them smart, hard working solutions.

  • Proven technology, used worldwide.
  • Centrally store and easily share all marketing assets.
  • Remove old assets. Safeguard brand consistency.
  • Can build bespoke save and search options.
  • Add assets to a basket, store, send and share.
  • Collaborate easily with colleagues anywhere in the world.


Take it a step further.

A client favourite, The Brand Portal takes the DAM even further, helping you educate stakeholders on the brand guidelines and rules.

It even links to the modules you have selected, meaning you can store your assets, educate on the brand and create your marketing, all in one central place.

Find out more about our Brand Portal.

Asset database.

The DAM uses our unique ‘intelligent’ integration function. This means it intuitively provides the correct file size and type for different print and web based usage.

Just upload the image once and the system will create different size files for your different uses, saving you time and effort, whilst guaranteeing quality.

Communication, collaboration.

Centralising all brand assets leads to greater collaboration, as colleagues and partners anywhere in the world can review, share, edit and re-use each other’s work, feeling inspired and supported.

This saves time and money, by reducing duplicated effort and it encourages brand consistency.

Easy to use, efficient.

Papirfly was developed to make the complicated simple.  It's incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

It has been thoroughly reviewed and tested to ensure we make each step as short and simple as possible.

For example, you can easily search, select, add to basket, send and share all marketing assets, to colleagues and associates, anywhere in the world.