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Papirfly, pronounced Paper-fly, has really taken off.

Papirfly is empowering 6000+ users and hundreds of companies across the globe, including some of the world's best loved brands, like Rolls Royce, P&G, BP, Unilever and Pepsico. It all started with one idea. Per, our CEO and co-founder explains more...



Meet Per, our CEO.

When we created Papirfly in 2000 we had a clear vision; build a web-based solution to enable everyone to create their own marketing without specialist support. We wanted to empower people, help them produce their own solutions, without a single compromise.

At the time, developments in technology had improved many business functions, but marketing still relied on the same old processes. It was simply impossible to work without specialist support. We decided to challenge the status quo and develop a solution that cleverly managed marketing complexities but was also very easy to use. Papirfly was born.

Papirfly makes difficult tasks, such as the development of digital and print marketing, simple and fast. It saves a lot of time and money. It delivers on our promise to guarantee quality and brand consistency. That is why we today have hundreds of satisfied clients across the world and a 98% retention rate. We’re not stopping now. Our vision remains the same; to ensure Papirfly continues to offer the best possible marketing solutions across all media channels, in such a way that it requires just one hour of training to be on par with a specialist.

Please get in touch, we’d love to show you why Papirfly is the go-to solution for many of the world’s best loved brands.

Per Oldeide
CEO and Founder

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We’re a happy bunch, delivering solutions we truly believe in.
We all share a common goal, that of exceeding client expectation. We invest heavily to keep ahead of the curve, to add smart tools and techniques, to make Papirfly even more powerful and effective. That’s why our clients are a happy bunch too.

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