Unleash every aspect of your brand identity

Whether you’re building out a new brand identity or trying to contain and manage all of the assets for one of your sub-brands, did you know you can set-up a dedicated portal to separate your brand guidelines and assets?

Need one place to manage your rebrand?

With quick and easy integration to your main portal, you can implement a unique brand identity using a Point add-on that seamlessly connects to your main portal.

Avoid brand dilution at all costs

Enhance brand clarity across portfolio
Avoid brand dilution by ensuring your teams are clearly delineating between your unique brand identities
Increase internal support within teams
Ensure your teams are accessing the right assets when they need them, empowering them to do their job more effectively.
Improve day-to-day workflows
Users are not confused what assets belong to which brand. Ensure work is quickly created in the correct templates and easily approved.
Save time for your team & reduce costs
Ensure users do not waste valuable time searching for on-brand assets and brand guidelines. Save time without compromising brand identity.

Protect your unique brand identities

Orkla empowers their users to activate their unique brands using distinct hubs to avoid brand dilution and improve their day-to-day workflows.

Using separate brand hubs, Orkla showcases their flagship brands and ensures all relevant assets are contained in dedicated spaces.

Feeling the strain of separating your employer and corporate brand identity?

Separate brand portals ensures your corporate brand and employer brand identities are not diluted – protecting your brand salience and ensuring consistency for each brand across all channels.

“When we launched our developed brand identity, we also made all the visual elements available in a digital platform. PostNord is a large Nordic Group with several partners that use our brand elements. So, we need to make it easy for everyone to use. This makes implementation faster and smoother.”

Hannah Myrhed

Seamlessly navigate across portals

Separating your new or unique brand into a dedicated portal will ensure your teams only access the relevant content needed for their work – saving time without compromising your brand identity.

Want to take a look?

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Control every aspect of your global brand

  • Empower your people to deliver your unique brand identity across all channels with dedicated portals
  • Manage access to rebrand projects seamlessly for both internal and external teams, including agencies
  • Drive growth with sustained brand recognition that builds a healthy and returning customer base