212% ROI from one brand management platform

The results are in – from a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Papirfly, customers benefited from a 212% ROI over three years. 

Return on investment

Navigating multiple complex business challenges is the norm. Giving your people tools of value that deliver a successful brand strategy, is an obstacle worth prioritising.

Forrester interviewed four customers using our brand management platform, aggregating the interviewees’ experiences and combining the results into a single composite organisation.

With Papirfly, there is a better way to achieve a significant ROI – and so much more. See for yourself with our calculator using metrics developed by Forrester.

Papirfly customers’ ROI and other benefits

Empowered execution of your brand strategy

A great ROI is just the start

With Papirfly, customers educated everyone on their brand, centralised global assets for local use, and guaranteed consistency across multiple customer touchpoints, in any language.

A positive return on investment is only the beginning. The Forrester Consulting TEI study shows the significant impact Papirfly’s brand management platform delivered.

We work with:

Papirfly’s brand management platform delivered significant benefits

  • Empowered teams created on-brand assets with speed and complete consistency
  • Customers created more collateral for less cost and effort, with an outstanding return on investment 
  • Leaders gained control and solved branding and business challenges, globally and locally