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Digital design templates are the must-have tool for brand consistency

We all trust clarity and consistency. When we understand what somebody’s values and beliefs are, and they are communicated in a clear way over time, we know where we stand. We feel more positive emotions in our interactions with them.

This sense of trust is exactly the same for how brands are experienced.

Successfully building a brand requires you to stand out from your rivals in an increasingly competitive market place. With digital templates, you have the tool to strengthen your brand identity and build that long-term sense of trust and loyalty.

Empower everyone to speak with your brand’s one true voice

Every team needs a quick way to access on-brand assets, especially when things need to be communicated quickly. However, during particularly busy times, the brand identity can be at risk of being compromised as marketers rush to get important messages out the door.

With a digital template solution, all employees are empowered to create their own brand assets without the risk of compromising brand assets. At the same time, workflows become smoother, as the need to acquire assets from other departments or from brand books created by external graphic designers is minimised.

Speed  and agility is essential for all brands

The average workday is increasingly impacted by new technology. Your company’s ability to be agile – the ability to adapt, change and communicate based on data, trends and insights – while remaining on-brand with consistent messages, captivating visual elements, and iconic campaigns, all contribute to your reputation as a responsive brand. 

Being the last brand to react to an important new social media trend, or rushing out a message that doesn’t fit the personality of your brand or target audience, can quickly make you stand out in the wrong way. It may lead to a loss in market share to competitors who are more clear and prepared in their messaging. 

With pre-designed templates, anyone in your company can create consistent and strong brand assets in moments – giving confidence to all creators and managers that you are on-message, every time.

Saving money whilst getting more value

There are plenty of moments in the workday that can steal valuable time and productivity from building your brand – reducing the cost efficiency of marketing efforts. With digital template technology, delays around the approval of assets are eliminated and fewer employees need to be involved in local branding efforts.

By investing in design templates and spending time up-front pre-defining and aligning them to your brand guidelines, you reap the rewards. Colour palettes, visual elements and brand styles are predefined, ensuring that energy, focus and resources can be directed toward essential strategic goals.

As well as significantly reducing agency costs, design templates make publishing and launching less time-consuming. It makes sense to prioritise investing in a platform that will make an immediate impact and a significant long-term return on your bottom line.

One platform to create every essential asset

Whatever industry your brand operates in, a one-stop-shop for asset creation is a necessary tool to enable successful branding. Design templates can help your people create material that jumps out as superior to your rivals in the following ways:


Ads must enable customers to recognise your brand. A blend of pre-designed templates and automated working processes – that ensure consistency across all platforms and digital channels – will support your ads to get the desired attention from your target audience.

Social media

An unquestionable requirement for all marketing teams, social media has changed the landscape of brand marketing. Even the smallest brands have become rivals, as everyone extends their marketing channels and influences the market in new ways.

Responding to industry or global events quickly and consistently is made easy with pre-defined templates to create all social media assets.


As much as we are into the digital age, the need for many brands to have a physical presence in front of customers is still essential. From business cards to posters, product catalogues to roll-ups for events, design templates help the ‘real world’ brand identity complement its online presence. 

Dynamic content

Any template solution needs to consider the range of ways your customers search for and interact with your brand. Whilst fixed imagery and content work, a template tool that allows you to create, adapt, tweak and publish dynamic digital assets to your chosen marketing channels is crucial to consider as part of your tech stack.

Video templates

Not so long ago, video was considered an expensive luxury for marketing teams. Today, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and to exclude video from your branding strategies would leave you well behind the competition. 

Creating videos fast and on-brand demands a template technology that’s simple, user friendly and flexible. With strong brand templates, assets that can make a huge impact can be made quickly and with ease.

Crafting a strong brand using digital asset tools 

A digital solution, connected with adjustable templates, will have a positive impact on your company’s efficiency and the overall consistency and reception of your brand with your audiences. Stand above your competitors and look for an intuitive solution that supports all activities associated with building your brand in the best possible way.