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Papirfly has really taken off.

Papirfly, pronounced Paper-fly, means Paper Plane in Norway, where our company was founded.

What's in a name? It's tempting to talk about how business is soaring, how we're flying high with 200+ clients and 100,000+ users worldwide.

But the real reason the name remains apt is because, like a paper plane, we're all about making the complicated simple.

Challenge the status quo.

Imagine your global marketing and communications teams empowered to produce their own multi-media marketing, in any language, at any time, in a few simple steps, with no specialist skills or support required.

Imagine building an in-company 'brand community' that has one place to go for advice, guidelines, resources, ready-to-use materials and tools for all their marketing communications and branding needs.

You don't need to imagine this because Papirfly is changing the face of brand management, delivering incredible results, every single time; across all types of businesses.

And that's the reason we're enjoying so much success, working with companies like Vodafone, IBM, Mondelez, Pfizer, Philips, BP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Ferrero, Monster, PMI, P&G, Rolls Royce, Unilever and many more.

  • Everyone can use Papirfly, it's incredibly simple and intuitive.
  • Anyone can create beautiful studio-standard print, digital, social media and branded email marketing, in any language, in just a few easy steps.
  • What used to take days to organise, now takes minutes.
  • You save money and time as soon as you start using Papirfly, some clients save upwards of £100k and 1000s of hours per quarter.
  • Your global teams will love it. It's so simple to use and day to day tasks are now so much easier to deliver.
  • In just 8 weeks from kick-off, you can transform your brand communications, empower your teams and start saving.
  • You won't look back. That's why we've got a 95% retention rate. With your savings, you'll start reinvesting in areas that really drive marketing excellence, rather than production.
  • The technology is world-class. We've passed the most stringent of tests, as you'd expect given our fantastic client base.
  • There's no one else who can offer and deliver what we do, with our brand software expertise.

Return on investment.

Papirfly opens up a whole new world. One where you have the tools to respond quickly to all kinds of opportunities. No waiting on external suppliers. Your teams are empowered, everywhere.

No more production invoices. In fact, the more you use Papirfly, the more you save. Imagine how you'll repurpose budgets, investing in key resources and strategic initiatives. Every client saves.

You only need to create 15 items per month, globally, across all languages, sub-brands and/or business areas for Papirfly to pay for itself. Thereafter it becomes an investment, rather than a cost.

The reality is our clients create an average of 84 items per month, saving upwards of £388,000 per year on production fees and more than 240 days in time.

That’s a lot of resource to re-invest in more people, media, content and strategic initiatives to drive and enhance your marketing efforts.

Working in close partnership, your brand portal will be built on continuous improvement to ensure delivery of the best possible promotional collateral to every end-user. We'll provide on-going audits at pre-agreed intervals, detailed usage of your assets and templates across all regions.

A few words from our CEO and Founder

When we created Papirfly in 2000 we had a clear vision; build a web-based solution to enable everyone to create their own marketing without specialist support. We wanted to empower people, help them produce their own solutions, without a single compromise.

At the time, developments in technology had improved many business functions, but marketing still relied on the same old processes. It was simply impossible to work without specialist support. We decided to challenge the status quo and develop a solution that cleverly managed marketing complexities but was also very easy to use. Papirfly was born.

Papirfly makes difficult tasks, such as the development of digital and print marketing, simple and fast. It saves a lot of time and money. It delivers on our promise to guarantee quality and brand consistency and your teams will be freed up to spend budgets and time on initiatives that will really drive brand excellence. That is why today we have hundreds of satisfied clients across the world and a 95% retention rate.

We’re not stopping now. Our vision remains the same; to ensure Papirfly continues to offer the best possible marketing solutions across all media channels, in such a way that it requires just one hour of training to be on par with a specialist.

Please get in touch, we’d love to show you why Papirfly is the go-to solution for many of the world’s best loved brands.

Per Oldeide, CEO and Founder

Working at Papirfly.

If you are passionate, hardworking, creative, and thrive in a collaborative, brand focused and international environment, then you should consider a career at Papirfly.

A rewarding and healthy work-life balance is important to us. We value our time together enjoying the good things in life. We innovate and drive success as one team; away from our desks we stay active and take part in events as one big happy family.

We're nice people here at Papirfly and we're very proud of our easy-to-use web-based branding solution just as much as we're proud of our inclusive culture.

Launched in 2000 by a team of expert entrepreneurs in print and digital asset production technology, today Papirfly provides revolutionary brand software, which guarantees global brand consistency and game-changing cost and time savings.

If you think Papirfly could be just the place for you to call home; drop us a line.

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