4 crucial factors employer brand experts must address in 2021

Over the past year, our team at Papirfly have spoken with numerous multi-national corporations, global enterprises and national companies, who all believe the events of 2020 will impact the way they approach their employer brand for 2021 and beyond.

Eventually, the world will return to some kind of normality and when it does, those companies that dedicate time and attention to protecting their employer brand will be in the best position to hit the ground running, supported by their retained, motivated workforce.

We have compiled what we believe to be the four most important factors that employer brand teams should be addressing right now.


The world changed in 2020 and continues to change in 2021 - to be in the optimal position to attract and keep hold of talent, as well as overcoming business challenges, it is vital that your employer brand transforms and progresses with this new landscape.


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