Papirfly dramatically changes employer brand management. ALL communications become brand compliant. There are no mistakes as brand guidelines are not open to interpretation.

Every single client saves huge amounts of money. One client used to spend an average of £200 production on every item their agency produced. With Papirfly, they pay an annual licence fee and produce as many items as necessary, in-house, without specialist support.

In the first 2 months post launch, this client saved £108,462 and 44 days.

These results are typical. Better still, teams are empowered as the time and money saved is  re-invested in tactical initiatives that deliver a competitive advantage.

Papirfly creates a buzz. There's more communication and collaboration as teams can see what colleagues are doing worldwide. Ideas are easily shared, there is greater support.

Perhaps most importantly, the employer brand is protected and consistently activated, ensuring all messages are deployed to maximum effect.

This supports talent acquisition and retention, therefore directly impacting on performance, productivity and profitability.