One central hub for all your Employer Brand needs.

The Employer Brand Portal has three channels.

The first houses all of your employer brand guidelines.

The second is a DAM, storing all of your assets, including images, logos and previous campaigns.

The third is where the savings happen as your teams produce their own print and digital employer brand marketing, simply and easily, without the use of specialists, saving you £100ks and 1000s hours per year.

  • The more you use it, the more you save, as Papirfly does not charge per item.
  • You can produce your own expert campaigns, everything from animated banners to brochures.
  • Proven ROI, guaranteed savings.
  • We have 100% client retention, as the Employer Brand Portal delivers on every promise.
  • It takes just one hour of training.
  • Engenders great positivity, as teams become collaborative, nimble and responsive.