Global teams, empowered by you.

Building strong, consistent employer brands.

Use Papirfly's Employer Brand portal to produce expert campaigns without the use of specialists. Everything from Facebook adverts to posters to brochures to animated banners, made simply by you after just one hour of training.

No more production queues. No more production invoices.

We deliver incredible cost and time savings to global companies like BP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Ferrero, Monster, PMI, P&G, Rolls Royce, Unilever, Walmart and more.

Use The Employer Brand portal to guarantee brand consistency, get your messages to market fast and save up to £350k+ and 1000+ hours per year.

The Employer Brand portal has three channels, making it easy for you to educate your global teams, store all assets and  best of all (the magic part!), produce your own campaigns.

It's easy to implement and highly cost-effective. In fact, if you produce 10 items per month globally, Papirfly guarantees to save you time and money.

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One central hub for all your Employer Brand needs.

The Employer Brand Portal has three channels.

The first houses all of your employer brand guidelines.

The second is a DAM, storing all of your assets, including images, logos and previous campaigns.

The third is where the savings happen as your teams produce their own print and digital employer brand marketing, simply and easily, without the use of specialists, saving you £100ks and 1000s hours per year.

  • The more you use it, the more you save, as Papirfly does not charge per item.
  • You can produce your own expert campaigns, everything from animated banners to brochures.
  • Proven ROI, guaranteed savings.
  • We have 100% client retention, as the Employer Brand Portal delivers on every promise.
  • It takes just one hour of training.
  • Engenders great positivity, as teams become collaborative, nimble and responsive.


The Education channel.

All of your employer brand guidelines in one central, easy to search place.

Advise global teams on your unique employer brand, upload documents, videos, factsheets and more.

Have confidence your teams are only accessing and reviewing the latest information.

The channel is simple to update and maintain.

Invite all internal and external stakeholders to access it.

The education channel helps you safeguard your investment in your EVP.

The Store channel.

By centralising the storage of all global employer brand assets and campaigns, you create a more inspiring and collaborative working environment where colleagues across the world can view, share, edit and re-use each other’s work, thus avoiding duplication of effort.

Plus, with super user permission, you can enjoy a birdseye view of all marketing activity and benefit from global and regional reporting, making it easier for you to review, govern and control your employer brand.

The Create channel.

This is where the Employer Brand Portal really comes into it’s own, saving you huge amounts of time and money.

After just one hour of training your global teams can produce their own marketing without relying on specialists to do it for them.

No more production queues. No more back and forth with amends.

Just simple and fast employer brand campaigns, everything from LinkedIn banners to Job Adverts, produced by you, in any language, always on-brand.

How it works.

Papirfly was developed to make the complicated simple. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

It works using highly sophisticated templates. If you can use Powerpoint and Word, you can use Papirfly!

We work with you and your creative agency to understand the specific nuances, rules and flexibility of your employer brand and then build custom templates that lock down the key elements, ensuring only the correct layout, fonts, images etc are used, thereby making it simple for you to produce your own print and digital marketing campaigns, in any language at any time.