Assets, stored and shared by you.

Control and empower.

A simple, smart way to manage and deliver your brand assets.

Our world-class Digital Asset Manager is used by some of the world's best brands.

Use it to store, retrieve, share and re-use your marketing assets. Every image, logo, video, animation, photo and more, all accessible in one central place.

Global collaboration is easy, even on multi-language campaigns. Empower employees and associates, wherever they may be. Colleagues can share and inspire each other, creating a collaborative, friendly enterprise asset management (EAM) environment, avoiding duplicated effort.

Everything you need, accessed in one central place.

  • Empower teams, give them smart, hard-working solutions allowing them to collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world.
  • Create efficiencies and enjoy greater governance over your brand. Prevent out of date assets being used.
  • Guarantee quality. Papirfly automatically updates the image according to usage, for example converting to a CMYK image for a poster, or an RGB image for a web banner.
  • Build bespoke search and save options.
  • Add assets to a basket, store and share.

Asset database.

The DAM uses our unique ‘intelligent’ integration function. This means it intuitively provides the correct file size and type for different print and web-based usage.

Just upload the image once and the system will create different size files for your different uses, saving you time and effort, whilst guaranteeing quality.


Communication, collaboration.

Centralising all brand assets leads to greater collaboration, as colleagues and partners anywhere in the world can review, share, edit and re-use each other’s work, feeling inspired and supported.

This saves time and money, by reducing duplicated effort and it encourages brand consistency.


Easy to use, efficient.

Developed to make the complicated simple Papirfly is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Categorise assets, according to your companies taxonomy, making search quick and easy.

Easily search, select, add to basket, send and share all marketing assets, to colleagues and associates, anywhere in the world.


Constantly evolving.

Built on proven, secure technology, we're very proud of our easy-to-use web-based branding solution.

Papirfly takes care of all system security and back-ups, so whatever you create remains available, anytime.

We invest heavily in research and development. Just like your marketing, Papirfly doesn't stand still. Through software upgrades and constant innovation, we'll help you stay ahead.

We ensure you have the best tools to manage your marketing your way, simply and easily.