Release Notes 1.0 – November 2023

The Brandmaster platform now officially evolves into version 1.0 of the new Papirfly product suite of world-class brand management tools.

All 5 of our flagship products – Point (formerly Brand Hub), Place (formerly DAM), Produce (on-brand templating), Plan (planning, collaboration and approval workflows) and Prove (reporting and analytics) – are available in the new shared toolbar. Click here to learn more about our upgraded platform and products.

You can still access all of your existing products, with your remaining Papirfly solutions under the ‘Other’ button in the toolbar.

Take a look at the following recent updates on the Papirfly Platform.

Platform updates

(Released 30 October 2023)

New product names

The new Papirfly Platform is built upon our suite of 5 flagship products – Point, Place, Produce, Plan and Prove. Point was formerly known as Brand hub, and Place was formerly known as DAM. The rest of the Product names can be found in the new shared toolbar, explained below. Product names can be seen either in the top left of the toolbar or in the new URL structure e.g. here to learn more about our flagship products.

New shared toolbar

New Feature

On the left side in the new shared toolbar we have introduced a new ‘app switcher’. This feature allows users to quickly navigate between available products as well as learning about products within the platform that are not currently part of your licence. On the right side of the toolbar, displayed as your initials, we have ‘actions’ for other tasks you can do under your user profile that are unrelated to the core products.

Click here to learn more about our new shared toolbar.

New URLs

New Feature

We have changed the subdomain for all our flagship products from .cloud to .app. With our new name and product names, old URLs such as cloud.brandmaster/brandcenter are now Old URLs will automatically be redirected to new URLs. If the page doesn’t load correctly try to clear your browser data such as cookies, cached images and other site data.

Click here to learn more about new URLs.


(Released 30 October 2023)

Bulk edit categories and schemas


Bulk edit categories and other fields are highly improved in both performance and UX. You no longer have the 50 files limit, and you can also choose to change one single category. If multiple assets – but not all – share a category, it will be illustrated by a :heavy_minus_sign:.

If you click this once, you will apply this category to all the selected assets, illustrated by a :heavy_check_mark:. If you click it once more, the category will be removed from all the selected assets.


(Released 26 October 2023)

Introducing Produce launcher

New Feature

Produce is made up of two intertwined parts, Produce launcher and Produce editor. Produce launcher centralises all your templates and documents into one single location, and makes it easy to filter and find material you have created, or that is shared with you. It is also the starting point for you to create new material from templates, and the actual editing is done in the Produce editor explained below.

Click here to learn more about Produce launcher.

Introducing Produce editor

New Feature

When you start to create a new document from your on-brand template, you are in the Produce editor. This is where you decide the layout, colours, copy, language or any pre-approved design elements connected to your brand guidelines. You always start from one of your available templates, and when you save it, it becomes a document you can share with others or send for approval (if required). Or download it as an ready-to-use asset.

Click here to get an introduction to Produce editor


(Released 23 October 2023)

Local access for approval projects

New Feature

We’ve restructured approval projects into central and local categories to simplify your project management experience. Central projects can be made available company-wide, while local approval projects are visible only to users within the specific local unit. The local project structure mirrors the unit manager’s setup – making this similar to how it works for campaign projects as our platform continues to provide a cohesive user experience.

Colour indications in campaign projects

New Feature

We are introducing a colour indication service to improve your experience of campaign projects. A predefined drop-down value from the category manager, or the status, can be reflected as different colours in the timeline overview. This allows users to achieve a clearer bird’s-eye view of campaign activity and visually separate the different projects and their purposes – for example, quickly and clearly determine whether something is internal or external.

Template builder translations

New Feature

Template Builder now offers translations for dynamic parts (e.g. default values) of template layouts, addressing areas not covered by the Weblate translation module. Users can seamlessly switch between different languages, across the entire company.


(Released 24 October 2023)

Introducing Prove premium

With an easy-to-use interface, Prove premium enables key data from brand management activities across the platform to be collected and shared using a dynamic dashboard. Data can be determined by date range, and specific field search functions allow the dataset to be filtered to specific needs. Unit Managers can define and organise data by portals and units. Reporting for immediate slide deck usage, or in another chosen file format, is possible – downloaded programmatically by connecting to our system via API.

Click here to get an introduction to Prove