Video | Features | October 2019

Papirfly makes video branding possible without professionals


Social media is saturated with content, and if a brand doesn’t have the time, budget or resources to produce professional standard assets, there’s a good chance they’re going to be left behind. Video content is no longer the future – it’s right now. As the average user’s expectations increase and video reigns supreme on social media feeds, brands are under immense pressure to deliver branded content that cuts through the noise.

Papirfly’s new feature is bringing the power of video branding into the hands of the everyday employee. No longer will in-house marketing and communications teams need to call up an agency or specialist to put intros, outros or subtitles on their footage. Anyone will soon be able to deliver this perfectly on-brand and in under 30 minutes.

No downloads required, just a single licence fee for the Papirfly portal which includes bespoke templates for designing print and digital assets including social media posts, HTML emails, brochures and more. All pre-defined and developed in conjunction with the onboarding team. Users also get access to a dedicated Digital Asset Management platform, educational tools and guidelines for global employees and a range of management tools for campaigns. It’s a single source for employees to log into online, for the most up to date and approved materials.

We’re continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, and while it was always our plan to introduce a video feature, we’ve made this a priority after listening to our clients. The Papirfly team prides itself on responding to market and customer needs.

 With the new video feature currently being trialled by some of our clients, and some further refinement based on feedback keep an eye out for the release date coming soon.

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