Press Release | August 2021

Papirfly Group announces strategic acquisition of Meriworks


Papirfly Group, consisting of the two brands BrandMaster and Papirfly, announces its first acquisition since the merger of the two brands took place in February 2021.

The acquisition of Meriworks further strengthens the Group’s position as market leader within the Brand Activation Management space, as the company aims to transform the way brand marketing works forever.

“This is a very exciting time for Papirfly Group. Only 5 months into the merger of BrandMaster and Papirfly, we are already completing an acquisition of another strong brand that will support our journey of shaping the future of brand activation management. With this important step, we continue to ensure that our customers are gaining access to even more applications under the same roof” says Karl Fredrik Lund, Group CEO of Papirfly Group.

The Sweden-based company Meriworks deliver solutions for advanced management of digital media through their Media Asset Management system ImageVault. The product facilitates using media for different purposes, making it easier and timesaving for everyone within the organization that work with digital media.


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”ImageVault has been a leading Nordic DAM solution for a long time, focusing primarily on web content management systems such as Episerver (now Optimizely) and SiteVision. We are really looking forward to joining forces with Papirfly Group to strengthen our offering around ImageVault with additional services in the brand management area. As Meriworks and Papirfly Group already have joint customers and an existing integration, we can start delivering on that promise from day one.” says Johan Magnusson, Product Manager of Meriworks.

ImageVault has over 230 customers, mainly located in Sweden and Norway, but they also have clients in the UK and US, which is well-positioned with Papirfly Group’s growth strategy for the upcoming years.

Scaling up for the future

Papirfly Group offers scalable, modular solutions and the freedom to choose a platform that fits their exact needs. The acquisition of Meriworks and ImageVault fits nicely into this structure and allows both global brands and smaller companies to benefit from our combined expertise and embrace the future of brand marketing.


“With the MarTech space evolving every day, and knowing that creating and sharing content in the quickest way possible is essential for any brand and marketer, it is our job to make sure that our solutions are future proof. This acquisition is another milestone in our long-term promise of giving our customers endless possibilities within marketing and brand management solutions.” Karl Fredrik Lund, Group CEO.

About Papirfly Group
Bringing together decades of experience, offices in eight countries and more than one million active users across the globe – Papirfly Group gives brands total freedom to create their own marketing materials, and empower teams across the globe to deliver more than they ever thought possible.

Our solutions simplify the challenges faced by brand driven organizations by empowering employees and other stakeholders to activate brands on a global scale and on a local level without needing specialist skills or design expertise.


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