Press Release | February 2021

Papirfly and BrandMaster join forces


Papirfly and BrandMaster join forces to establish a leading global brand management technology platform

Papirfly and BrandMaster today announced an equal merger to create one of the most competitive brand management offerings globally.

The MarTech (marketing technology) landscape is rapidly changing as all multinational companies adjust to a more digitized operational model. Targeted delivery of content at continuously reduced timeframes is the key to success and increased brand awareness. Continued expansion of all sorts of digital channels across all languages and all geographies over the last 20 years has created a very complex media landscape whereby companies need to continuously control the IP of their brand presence across all platforms.

More than 500 customers

More than 500 multinational companies manage their brands on the platforms provided by the two companies today, with over 1.000.000 active everyday users. In fact, 30 of the largest global Fortune 500 companies have already chosen to manage their brands through Papirfly or BrandMaster, and with the announced merger, the two companies are confident that their joint technology platform will establish the Group as the preferred vendor within brand management.

The Group will comprise more than 170 professionals serving customers from seven geographic locations. Both operations will continue as-is with their respective names going forward, and a joint executive management team has been created to oversee both brands.
The Group's strong position in employer branding, corporate branding, particularly within the automotive and financial sector, and retail marketing will provide existing and new clients with an expanded and truly easy-to-use platform.

Significant step

“With increased investments in our technical platform and tools, we are confident that our existing and new customers will get an even better partner that is well equipped to meet future expectations. A strong Scandinavian heritage, which is reflected in both companies’ cultures shall secure even more exciting development opportunities for our employees” said Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO of BrandMaster and new Group CEO.

Per-and-Karl (1)

This merger represents a significant step in the company’s evolution. We are redefining
and shaping the future of BAM by Papirfly™ and we feel strongly that joining forces with BrandMaster will allow us to realise our strategic goals whilst continuing to add tremendous value to our customers.” said Per Oldeide, founder & CEO of Papirfly.

Bringing together these two uniquely skilled teams within brand management has been a dream for many years. The combined platform is second to none in the global MarTech world, strongly evidenced by an impressive global customer portfolio. The combined group will generate ARR of well over MNOK 200 per year, and expect continued strong organic growth and profitability” said Erik Langaker, Chairman and cornerstone investor in BrandMaster.

Both Companies have their HQ’s in Norway. The CEO and founder of Papirfly, Per Oldeide, will transition into the role as Chairman of the new group, and Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO of BrandMaster has been appointed group CEO. Leading shareholders are Standout Capital in Sweden, Vestland group (Erik Langaker), Oldeide Invest (Per Oldeide) and others.


About Papirfly
Papirfly is a Brand Activation Management (BAM by Papirfly™) software company with offices in Norway, UK and Denmark focused on Employer Branding, Corporate Communications and Retail Marketing. BAM by Papirfly™ isn’t just a piece of software though, it’s a new way of working, it provides brand compliance and enables global and local brands the power to create, edit, store, share and manage their digital and print marketing materials in-house, in any language without needing specialist skills.

About BrandMaster
When we set up our company in Oslo back in 1998, we did so with a clear focus: to help marketing teams manage their workflows and build strong, sustainable brands. Our team of digital designers, marketers, developers and brand consultants created a system which would redefine how things are done and give clients the tools and know-how to up their game. They were quick to recognise the operational and commercial benefits this would bring and our vision soon became a viable business. That was then and we’ve never looked back. Today, BrandMaster has evolved to become a market-leading, modular management platform, trusted by global enterprises, successful brands and ambitious start-ups. As for us, we still work from our HQ in Oslo and you’ll also find us located across Europe and in the US.

Contacts and further information
Karl Fredrik Lund,
Group CEO

Per Oldeide
Group Chairman

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