Campaign Launch | October 2019

New Campaign Launch - Freedom to Fly embodies Papirfly Vision


The importance of achieving a work-life balance is more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. As employers become increasingly plugged into their workers’ mental health, changing needs and personal priorities, Papirfly is championing those that seek out a ‘better way’.

Freedom to Fly is a positional piece which aims to relate with corporate communications teams, as well as internal and external marketing professionals. It’s no secret that looking after big brands and campaigns can be a stressful job, and today it’s refreshing to see so many companies looking for solutions to improve their employees lives on a day-to-day basis. While this can include tangible perks, what many in the industry are craving is much less tangible – less unnecessary stress, getting home in time to be with their children or partners, more autonomy and trust within their roles and less pressure when delivering in time constraints.

The newly launched video is beautifully written and delivered by spoken word poet Deanna Rodger, she explores how something as simple as Papirfly’s software can help alleviate a number of every day pressures, including budget, time and resource restrictions. The piece weaves together the common stresses faced by global teams and introduces the notion of ‘freedom’.

Freedom of course means different things to different people and what Papirfly tries to deliver is a piece of that freedom for anyone who uses it.

When an individual’s day is more productive, they’re under less strain, they leave earlier and their happiness permeates into their personal lives. They don’t need to engage other agencies or teams, because the people that surround them can deliver the marketing materials they need in-house. There’s no need to obsess about things going out off-brand because the software uses smart templates which are predefined and approved upfront. One less thing to worry about, a hundred reasons to feel more at ease.

The release of the Freedom to Fly video is the start of a much wider campaign from Papirfly, who is looking to redefine the role the software plays in the lives of clients. The potential is limitless.

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