Our approach

We like to disrupt the traditional, simplify the complex and give everyone the tools to be more effective in their day-to-day.


Your success team

Our experts work to design a solution that meets all your business needs, and overcomes the challenges you face in a smooth and straightforward way. Papirfly gives you the freedom to deliver the management of your brand marketing in a more cost-effective and sustainable way.
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If someone hasn’t got Papirfly, get it. It saves time, saves money, it saves effort and it just allows everyone to be able to become an employee advocate.
Discover how the Vodafone team simplified their marketing production through a single platform.
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Onboarding process



We’ll discuss your needs in detail and open your mind to all the possibilities Papirfly has to offer. After a demo, you will receive a comprehensive business case that outlines all the top-line ways your brand will benefit. After some tweaks, if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll get to planning…



Our strategy team will put together a solid plan of action, you’ll get to meet them and we’ll take you through three key workshops. Once you’re happy with the specification we’ve drawn up, we move on to implementation.



We build your unique portal and asset templates based on previous discussions and workshops. After testing, amends and training, we introduce the templates to a wider group of users.



We send out an onboarding survey where end users can feed back on any updates. We provide additional training if and where required.



We review the success of the software with both owners and end users, delivering a strategic report on how to achieve maximum ROI.


Major milestones…


Brand portal set-up

Your portal is your global community.

It’s the central place for all your marketing. Store brand guidelines, fact sheets, images, logos or videos. Your portal is easy to update and easy to use. It gives you complete freedom over your brand.


Share brand guidelines

Overcome one of the biggest challenges – global consistency.

Your brand’s appearance is crucial for success in today’s crowded markets. The Papirfly portal helps you share a globally accessible set of brand guidelines. Bring together your brand’s tone, colours, fonts and more to keep every employee and team on the same page.


Establish access levels

Set customised permissions.

An office in one global market won’t always need to see a campaign asset for another market. With four main user levels, your Papirfly portal delivers customisation based on what a specific team needs. For example, users can be set to access asset libraries that are only relevant for them, have full access or be subject to a specific set of rules.



Learn everything you need to know in just an hour.

You don't need to be a design expert to create professional, studio-standard marketing. Under the guidance of a dedicated Papirfly expert, your training will give you everything you need to start creating.

Continued support

A portal that grows with your brand. Whatever journey your organisation is on, we’ll be with you all the way. If your business needs change, or you need an answer to a new problem, our team can work with you to find the right solutions.

Over 500,000 BAM by Papirfly™ users worldwide and counting