Marketing toolkit must-haves for 2021

October 2020 5 min read Written by Phil Owers

To say 2020 has been a turbulent year would be a very big understatement. So let’s look ahead to the prospect of some near-normality and how we can take what we’ve learned from this year to improve our processes and enhance everything we do in the next one.

What will marketing teams need to get them through 2021? 

Invest in easy-to-use video editing software

If you managed to scrape through 2020 without an in-house video editing tool, you likely spent quite a bit of money on external talent. If you’re yet to harness video for your marketing, 2021 will absolutely be the year to do so. There are so many tools that can help you make professional-standard videos without having to pull in an expert and without spending a small fortune. 

Static content definitely serves its purpose, but consumers now expect to see videos from brands delivered on a wide scale; they’re not bothered about how big your budget is. Over 80% of internet traffic will be video-based by next year, with the average person expected to consume around 100 minutes a day of online video content

Why is it so important?

There’s a lot you need to say as a brand, and sometimes words alone just don’t cut it. People retain up to 95% of a message when delivered via video, compared to just 10% when communicated through text. Videos help you communicate stories more effectively, allow you to be more creative and are, on the whole, more engaging than any other forms of content.

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Embrace Digital Asset Management 

The core of your marketing delivery relies on an up-to-date, well-managed DAM system. With the need to be reactive made more apparent in 2020, 2021 next year will require marketers to up their game in terms of keeping on top of the volume of campaign assets and delivery. 

Having a central place for the latest files, assets and guidelines will ensure teams have access to everything they need, without having to question whether something is the latest, signed off version or the correct creative. A traditional DAM is much better than having nothing in place, but they have their limitations. 

Conversely, a BAM portal such as Papirfly features an integrated DAM that allows you to set special permissions over who can access assets based on country, job role and more. The best bit is that team members can edit an asset from the DAM directly within the same system (providing that they have permission to do so). 

Why is it so important? 

Your file and asset management play a pivotal role in giving everyone a single source of truth for the latest campaign collateral. If anything is unclear or disorganised, there’s a much greater margin for error. With the volume of content marketing teams are likely to produce throughout 2021, this is a sure-fire way to keep things centralised, streamlined and simplified. 

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Get familiar with Brand Activation Management 

Brand activation. The term will either make you rejoice or roll your eyes. If it’s the latter then perhaps you’ve not been exposed to the right definition or tools. Because brand activation management is going to be very integral in 2021 indeed. 

It’s a homogenised way of digitising how you deliver marketing collateral across your campaigns, no matter where you’re based. This means that anyone, anywhere will be able to access and adapt campaign collateral across different mediums, sizes and languages. Find out more about BAM by Papirfly™ here. 

Why is it so important? 

The scale and speed at which teams need to deliver has increased exponentially. This is only likely to continue across the next year. Empowering team members to deliver what they need when they need it without the burden of budget or time restrictions will be the key to delivering at pace.

Bringing Brand Activation Management software into the picture means that teams across the globe will have a level playing field in the number of assets they’re able to produce, regardless of whether their budgets are vastly different. 

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Introduce a digitised sign-off process 

Gone are the days for physical sign off sheets, particularly in this new age of remote working. Bringing in a watertight, well-thought-out process for asset and campaign sign off will ensure nothing goes out incorrectly or without the green light. 

Why is it so important? 

With higher levels of production, more streamlined teams and quicker turnaround times expected, this can expose your team to a higher level of pressure and increase the likelihood of mistakes. Implementing your digitised sign off process will provide an additional layer of security.

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Other exercises to think about...

Undertake a brand audit and review 

Undertaking a fully global brand audit is a very important step to take before launching a new DAM or BAM portal. This will help you establish a baseline of what guidelines you have, which assets and brand elements will be carried through and re-used and which are totally misaligned. You can also do this during the DAM or BAM portal onboarding process. 

Hold a brand purpose workshop 

2020 has given us a lot to think about. Perhaps your brand purpose has become more prevalent during these times and you would like to get this solidified and woven through your future brand strategies? Undertaking a brand purpose workshop will give your teams the chance to voice their opinions, and decide how to move forward with this revised purpose in mind. 

Revisit your employer brand strategy 

What candidates are looking for has changed. The entire market has changed. Your team’s expectations of new recruits have likely changed. This means that now is the time to ensure that your employer brand strategy and upcoming campaigns are still relevant, whether they need to be adapted or need a completely new direction. 

Revise your nurture journeys 

Consumer behaviours and motivations have shifted during the COVID crisis and this is likely to continue to shape the narrative in 2021. Ensuring your messaging is being continually revised for nurture journey emails will show you’re up-to-date with the issues facing your database. While it won’t guarantee leads, it will at the very least prevent a frequent swarm of mass unsubscribers.

Start preparing now...

This year has already flown by – don’t wait until 2021 to get ahead. With dedicated video editing software, bespoke digital and print design templates, an integrated DAM, digital sign off processes and more, BAM by Papirfly™ is already helping 500,000 users across the globe get to grips with the new age of reactive marketing. No specialist skills required. One fixed cost. Infinite possibilities.

Start ensuring brand consistency across all your teams and make 2021 the year your team feels empowered, delivers more for less and joins the likes of HSBC, Rolls Royce, De Beers and more on their brand activation journeys. Book your demo or find out more today.

by Phil Owers
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