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October 2019 2 min read Written by Papirfly

Sophie Haynes is the Global Employer Brand Manager at Unilever and she says for her there is a real challenge in driving brand consistency while respecting the local markets where they need to deliver.

And it’s easy to see why consistency is such a challenge. With a presence in 190 markets and more than 140,000 employees, Unilever is a huge company.

But using Papirfly has helped Sophie unlock the bottleneck in the workflow. There are no more lengthy sign-offs, no more days between brief and review. Instead teams can just create something in Papirfly and show it around. “People can say that and that's really cool,” she says.

And one of the big benefits of using Papirfly, and reducing the need for agencies, is that users can upskill themselves in key areas, such as in-house design too.

There are obvious cost-saving benefits to this, but Sophie says the feedback and engagement on the Papirfly platform have been really positive. And that’s what’s important. It has given employees and teams the access to build on those skills and really develop expertise in those specific areas.

If you have a message you can say it a lot more easily now.  It’s that easy.

Assets are in place and ready for users to start building on brand designs. Global teams are more empowered in the same way too, and as a result the way Sophie works with the employer brand community has become whole a lot easier. Using Papirfly just makes Unilever’s employees’ day-to-day life easier.

Although she says there are so many brilliant features in Papirfly, Sophie’s favourite is the organisation’s brand guidebook the team Unilever team created. It's one place for everybody to go to understand what the Unilever brand is about and its key attributes. Key messages are there too so users can go in and create their own assets.

“If we weren't using Papirfly,” says Sophie, “I do honestly believe that we wouldn't be producing the same number or quality of assets in the way that we are at the moment.”

By getting the organisation’s message out there quickly, consistently and in a way that’s fun and engaging, Unilever is attracting more high-quality candidates. Working with Papirfly has made lives a lot easier, and it allows Unilever to drive its key goal as a global employer brand team in supporting our markets.

The consistency that Papirfly gives Unilver in the creation of its assets helps really drive the talent and the quality of talent that the organisation is looking to attract.

“As a day-to-day, it's a really pleasant experience,” says Sophie.

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