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October 2019 2 min read Written by Papirfly

Meet Thomas Sourour. He’s the Marketing Production Lead at Elkjøp.

Before Papirfly came on the scene, the team was suffering from stretched-out production rounds, multiple media agencies and sales managers inputting into leaflet creation, and processes that were largely overcomplicated. Communication was taking place via email, inboxes were overcrowded, amends were lost in translation and everything became exhausting for the employees involved.

In the retail industry, the team understood the need to be agile and reactive. Things happen fast, and decisions need to be made even faster. This creates an incredible amount of strain on the people delivering marketing materials, with lengthy processes causing further hurdles.

So they found a better way. They found Papirfly.

For Thomas, a typical day involves several meetings, either in-person or over Skype, answering emails and keeping a close eye on all production processes. That’s when he’s not travelling around Scandinavia to work with partners and colleagues in different local markets. Now the team has complete ownership of the content they produce, they are able to react and connect with customer needs much quicker and produce better quality collateral in a consistent way. Through a dedicated portal, they have access to all the tools they need to create, educate, manage and store & share amazing assets. This also includes PIM and ERP integration which allows them to easily input critical product information and imagery, up-to-the-minute data all fed in directly from their live system.

“Whenever we met a challenge we had a good partner that helped us solve that challenge in a good and efficient way.”

If there’s an opportunity to respond to something topical, the team has the power to make it happen. A competitor has a better deal? Papirfly allows them to contend. No barriers, just great-looking printed brochures that take no time, hassle or skill to create.

The employees at Elkjøp are well-known for their passion for technology, innovation and automation. They usually find embedding partners so intricately within the business quite difficult, but sharing a very similar ethos and vision to Papirfly means the implementation phase went without a hitch and the relationship continues to flourish.

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