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October 2019 2 min read Written by Papirfly

Meet Adam, the Corporate Brand Manager for DSV – a global transport and logistics company. With a team located in Denmark, Adam has worldwide responsibility for ensuring the brand stays consistent in nothing short of 83 countries, across 50,000 employees.

Despite the momentous daily task he holds, Adam has complete faith in the abilities of his team to deliver everything that’s needed. DSV had previously never been known as adopters of new tech, so when Papirfly came on the scene he had a number of questions racing through his mind “What if people don’t agree with it?”, “What if they don’t adopt it quickly, or not at all?”

For Adam, Papirfly is now a fundamental part of managing the brand. It’s a way of collaborating across borders, across job roles and functions.  It’s a tremendous help in his daily work.

And it's hectic working in a global organisation too. On a daily basis, a lot of what Adam does is based on engaging the entire organisation. The DSV business is based on acquisition and has grown, in terms of headcount, by 100% in just a handful of years.

Now imagine this. All those teams across the globe using intranet, USB drives, computers and a range of other tech to store and share assets. Before Papirfly Adam’s world at DSV was quite fragmented. Having one platform meant he could have one approach - a one-stop-shop, he calls it.

These days Adam’s team are spending more meaningful ways with their time. They don’t have to look for things or develop them from scratch. It has boosted their positivity and their work.

Using Papirfly has also helped lead to the creation of a team of marketing colleagues, what Adam calls a ‘sounding board’. They bounce around new ideas for development, new features and new asset categories they might want to include in the portals.

There’s a lot of sense that a multinational company like DSV is not using agencies across different markets – time, consistency, savings. What Papirfly does is empower all DSV colleagues to work with the brand.

On one hand, Papirfly gives DSV a platform that’s scalable and easy to work with. On the other hand, it’s customer-centric and people start generating assets from the platform very quickly.

But one thing Adam also enjoys now is the way that Papirfly just keeps developing and moving forward. In the past, he’s been responsible for other data access platforms but there was no development, no new learning or innovation, he says. With these other systems, they have made extra developments of course, but only when he requested it.

“It's a time saver, it's a cost-saver for us, it's an enabler and it's a premise for building a strong brand and again it’s an enabler for brand effectiveness.”

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