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Re-onboarding after remote working: What to include in your post-COVID EVP

May 2021 4 min read Written by Papirfly

In this article, you’ll learn...

  • Why now’s the time to re-evaluate your EVP
  • What main factors you should consider
  • The importance of staying reactive

The last year has taught us many valuable lessons about the way we work. Businesses have achieved the impossible through an incredible ability to be flexible and reactive when it really counts.

Evidently, the crisis hasn’t been without its difficulties, and one of the biggest challenges was keeping Employer Value Propositions alive among furloughs, redundancies and the lack of face-to-face interaction in the office – not to mention the personal stress that the pandemic brought with it.

Despite this, employer branding has played an especially crucial role in counteracting recruitment struggles, retaining culture, onboarding new starters remotely and supporting staff through uncertainty.

After what feels like an eternity, workplaces are beginning to re-open doors and welcome back staff. With new attitudes and expectations in the workplace, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and the lessons we’ve learnt. 

Why re-evaluate your employer brand proposition?

Workplaces underwent close scrutiny over the way in which they supported their employees throughout the pandemic. It highlighted new issues in our approach to work and is very likely to continue as staff return to their desks. We've put together a handy 'Returning to the office checklist' for you to share with your management teams.


It means there has never been a more important time for your employer brand to really shine, and the only way it can do so is with an Employer Value Proposition that’s fit for purpose.


In this article, you’ll discover the most important things to consider when creating an EVP that’s compatible with the post-COVID workplace.

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Realign your teams 

Employees suddenly went from working together five days a week to collaborating remotely via video call. Before your teams pick up where they left off, it is crucial that they are helped to get up to speed with how the business has changed during the last year and what the company’s new goals are going forward.

Keeping in touch with regular communication and bite-sized pieces of information before ‘re-onboarding day’ will help make this a much easier transition and ease any tension of returning to work.

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Give new starters a real welcome

Some new starters may have gone an entire year without meeting their teams in person. To many of them, it will feel like they're starting their new role all over again, so it’s vital that you have a plan in place for delivering on the EVP you promised when you hired them remotely.

While they may now be feeling up-to-speed in their day-to-day work, new starters will benefit from extra layers of support to settle into the office culture that they haven’t yet experienced. These could include buddy-ups with team members, weekly 1-2-1 catch-ups, regular check-ins as well as proper introductions and invitations to social events.

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Embrace new ways of working

Not all of the lockdown was doom and gloom for employees. For many of them, it was an opportunity to reconsider what’s important in their lives — including the way they work. With change still in the air, there is widespread adoption of hybrid models, staggered hours, 4 day weeks or not returning at all.

If you’re in the office… 
Make your re-onboarding a gentle transition. It won’t be as simple as returning to the old ways of working, and doing so could leave your employer brand lacking the vital factors needed for 2021. Teams need to feel comfortable with new processes concerning COVID safety and team managers need to be made aware of any new responsibilities.

If your team has stayed working from home…
Employer branding strategies had to adapt fast when offices were thrown into lockdown with very little warning. As a result, many were only intended to be for the short term. If your company has decided to stay at home going forward, you need an EVP that can maintain engagement remotely and align with the long-term goals of the business.

If you’ve adopted the hybrid model… 
A mixture of in-person and remote working is set to see the most popular uptake in post-COVID workplaces. The key to getting it right is achieving balance in your EVP. Pre-lockdown, it was easy for remote workers to feel alienated, but this time around there are no excuses for leaving those working from home as an afterthought. To successfully adopt hybrid working, you have to translate the atmosphere, attitudes and culture of the office into the non-tangible elements of your EVP.

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Stay ready to adapt again

Perhaps one of the most promising takeouts from our time working in lockdown was the ability for companies big and small to transition into new ways of working, in some cases overnight. This is a testament to how a strong EVP can help support teams and empower entire workforces to do their jobs under new and challenging circumstances. 

BAM by Papirfly™ has helped some of the world’s leading brands to transform the way they work forever. With a suite of innovative employer branding features, teams are able to react fast, share the most up-to-date guidelines and create consistent assets to attract the right talent for their organisations.

BAM was created over 20 years ago, but the values that influence all of our decision-making have remained unchanged. Our belief in working smarter, not harder has helped us face all kinds of challenges in the last two decades and is proving to be a key asset in the post-pandemic workplace.

We’re proud to have developed a product that has our values at its heart, and that’s already empowering teams across the globe with the freedom to fly. 

To learn more, and see BAM in action, book your live demo today.

by Papirfly

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