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9 BAM features designed to make the lives of marketers easier

November 2020 4 min read Written by Papirfly

Even if you have an abundance of project managers, marketers and creatives a-plenty, the life of a marketing team is often erring on the border of chaos. The nature of the industry means that things are constantly moving – perceptions shift all the time and the way we deliver always needs to be reinvented as we learn and grow.

We like to shout about Brand Activation Management (BAM) because we know the difference it is already making to some of the world’s biggest brands. Coca-Cola, IBM, Vodafone, HSBC and more are benefiting from a much easier way of working, increasing their capacity, productivity and job satisfaction through our leading BAM solution. 

Here we take a look at the 9 best-loved features of our leading portal...  

#1 Multi-asset creation

This feature allows you to take any new or existing digital or print creative created with Papirfly, and quickly adapt it for any other format and size. For example, you may have a new billboard creative and need to turn it into a social media post across multiple platforms. All you have to do is open the file and select which platforms you need it adapted for – BAM does the rest. You can then make additional tweaks and edits until you get it just right. 

BAM-features-01In a nutshell…

  • Easily create and edit video, social, email, digital and print assets
  • What used to take hours now takes minutes
  • Teams can quickly resize and edit without using a third party

#2 Flexible templates, fixed guidelines 

Templates are created by your in-house team or external agency with lots of editable features, including logos, imagery, colours, text, layouts and more. What’s great is that you can put exact guidelines and pre-defined rules in place to give your teams as little or as much freedom as you like. It prevents the wrong colours, imagery and text being used, off-brand assets being shared and logos being skewed. There’s little-to-no room for error with these easy-to-use templates.

features-custom-designIn a nutshell…

  • Flexible digital and print templates
  • No skills required, anyone can use it
  • Pre-defined rules mean everything is delivered to agency standard


#3 Branded videos 

Video is now a must-have for marketers. It can feel like a dark art if you’re not familiar with how to produce them, but our in-platform branded video tool takes away any doubt and allows you to create powerful promotional videos without any of the fuss, headache or expense. You can easily import and select your footage, add bespoke intros, bring in titles, subtitles, dividers, add music and more. Training takes less than half an hour and once you have it mastered, your team will be able to create what they need in minutes.

BAM-features-02In a nutshell…

  • Professional looking videos made in-house
  • Straightforward software 
  • The ability to resize videos for different channels and platforms


#4 Digitised sign-off 

When there are multiple people that need sight of a creative asset before it’s set loose into the world, having a single place to see, amend and sign off each piece of marketing makes life a lot easier. With BAM you can put approval workflows in place for different teams or asset types, enabling you to release the asset only once it’s approved. 


In a nutshell…

  • Digital trail of sign-offs
  • Make comments directly onto assets
  • Complete edits inside the portal



#5 Configurable DAM

BAM includes an integrated Digital Asset Management tool, that organises each of your assets in an accessible and visual way. Acting as a central database for all campaigns, imagery and documents, employees can quickly save, search, edit and send anything in the DAM (providing that they have the right permissions). The DAM acts as a single source of truth for all teams, and allows management to see how frequently each one has been used and by whom.

BAM-features-04-1In a nutshell…

  • Store and categorise assets by team, sub-brand, campaign or country
  • Download, save, share and edit from within the portal
  • Keep on top of what’s being used and how frequently

#6 Multi-language and localisation capabilities

When you are looking to adapt core campaigns for different markets, the BAM creation suite gives you the ability to switch out text in the right language and import culturally relevant imagery and sub-brands.


In a nutshell…

  • Pull in country-specific product data 
  • Right-to-left support 
  • React to local market demands quickly



#7 Campaign planning and asset categorisation

A visual planner lets you create campaigns and store everything you need in relation to it within a dedicated part of the DAM. You also have the ability to make certain briefs, templates and imagery only available for relevant teams and countries. This feature helps you keep everything neat and tidy, leaving no doubt on what is going to market and when. Create a timeline so you can see what you have coming up and plan ahead. 

BAM-features-06In a nutshell…

  • A central, visual campaign planner
  • Reduces wasted time locating files
  • Pull stats to see how often assets were used in dedicated campaigns or across regions


#8 Tailored view for brands, sub-brands and locations 

The software is available through a single login and can be accessed remotely, without having to download anything. Each team has a dedicated view where they only see the campaigns, guidelines, assets and templates relevant to them. Management teams have a birds-eye view of which teams are using what, how many times and calculate ROI of BAM across the business.


In a nutshell… 

  • Access the documents and information relevant to them
  • Use assets, templates, imagery and more that all are specifically tailored to a market or sub-brand
  • Build a global view of activity



#9 Dedicated educate section 

While the templates will keep teams on-brand, your dedicated ‘educate’ section will contain all the guidelines needed to educate them on the importance of brand consistency and the nuance of each sub-brand. Users will be able to access colour palettes, typefaces, icons and more, as well as have a clear idea of how it’s used.


 In a nutshell…

  • A central place for all guidelines, documents and brand materials
  • Specialised views for different teams
  • Help teams understand why your brand is executed in a certain way 


Transform your marketing production with BAM

BAM by Papirfly™ is a market-leading, all-in-one brand activation solution. Teams of any size and ability can produce studio standard video, social, email, print and digital assets in a matter of minutes. An infinite amount of assets with a single annual license.  

Find out more about BAM or speak to our team for a demo today.

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