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Editing text (WYSIWYG)

The text editor allows you to edit text in the portal. The editor provides you with a toolbar that provides you with all the text editing tools that you need.

What it looks like

The text editor (WYSIWYG) is similar to other text editing tools out there. In Papirfly, it is a bar that is located above the textbox that you are currently editing. This is what it looks like:

Different buttons/functions within the toolbar

Here is a short explanation to each button/function within the toolbar:

  • Styles (drop-down): Choose between different paragraph styles, notably the size of the text. The alternatives are predefined.
  • Normal (drop-down): Similar to styles, choose the sizing of the text Very useful if the text in question is a header and you need to choose a different size. The alternatives are predefined.
  • B: Bold text. Lets you make your selection of text into bold
  • I : Italic text. Lets you make your selection of text into italic
  • Numbered list: Make a numbered list. Very useful for making step-by-step guides.
  • Bullet point list: Make a list with bullet points (dots). Very similar to how you would make a shopping list with no prioritised order.
  • Quote (chat bubble): Add a quote inside the textbox. Very useful for quotations.
  • Text position (left, middle, right): Decide where the text should be positioned within the textbox.
  • Hyperlink: Add a link to another page. To use this, mark the text you would like to add a hyperlink to and press the button. This will open a new window for adding the URL.
  • Arrows: Just like the text positioning above, this allows you to quickly move the text to where you want it to be positioned inside the textbox.
  • Text settings: Adjust the colour of the text
  • Text background settings: Adjust the text highlight or background