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Templates are the different concent forms you can store and have pre-prepared in the GDPR manager. These can be used in any photo session created in the next step.

Template overview
  • Name: Internal name of consent form template
  • Three dots (options): Options for consent form. Download PDF, Duplicate, Create session, Edit template , Delete template
  • Search field: Search for consent template title
  • + Create new template: Create new concent form template
Creating a new GDPR template

In order to start creating a new template, click the button + create new template in the upper right corner as seen in the screenshot above.

The create new template window has the following fields:

  • Template name: Title of concent form template shown in the overview
  • Responsible: Who is responsible for the form in the company
  • Underage form: Activate this if the form should support vusals of children. This way a parent need to sign.
  • Name: Mandatory and always on. Name of the person being photographed.
  • Phone: Activate phone number input
  • E-Mail: E-mail of person in image. Mandatory and unique value.
  • Photo: Activate possibility to add selfie when signing form. Very usefull for recognising people in the image when uploading is done.
  • Title: Headline of concent form
  • Description: Add the contractualt text for the concent form.
  • Input fields: The input fields on the form activated on the right column.
  • Agree checkbox: At the bottom you will be able to write a text for the agreement checkbox.
  • Create: Once all needed fields are filled, you will be able to create the new concent template.