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Uploading assets

The asset is the most important element in Place, and it all starts with the uploading your assets. We have provided you with multiple methods for uploading that we will explain below.

Upload window overview
  • + Upload: You can click the upload button to browse for your files, or you can drag and drop them in to the upload area.
  • Schema: If the archive have several upload schemas, you can select the schema here. Schemas can be used if you need different meta-data input fields on different type of assets.
  • Lightbox/Archive collection: If you have existing Lightboxes/ Archive collections, you can select from them here and upload directly to this collection
  • Add lightbox: Press the + button to create a new ligthbox
  • Language: The Language index where the meta-data is written.
Upload status overview
  • Thumbnail: Hover the thumbnail with your mouse to see a larger preview.
  • Type: Shows the file extension of the asset.
  • Size: Shows the file size.
  • Progression: Shows the progress of the upload.
  • Status: Shoes the status of the upload
  • Cogwheel: Go to the meta-data options for this single asset.
  • Traschan: Delete an asset from the upload process.
  • Upload: Add more files to the current upload.
  • Search: Search for an asset based on file name.
Adding meta-data while uploading

When you have selected a file, the preview panel will pop inn from the right side. Here you can download the different versions of the file available.

When you are on the “All Assets” tab, you apply the same meta-data to all assets.

  • All assets: If you go to the single asset tab you can ass meta-data to one specific asset. Press the cogwheel on each asset to enter meta-data for each single asset.
  • Single asset: What Business area to the asset belong to.
  • Business Area: What status should the assets have when you complete the upload. If you need to add more meta-data later, you can keep it to submitted. If you are happy with your data, set it to approved to publish the files.
  • Status: Who has the Copyright of the asset. This field will populate from XMP data if available.
  • Copyright: Who is the creator / photographer of the asset. This field will populate with XMP data if available.
  • Photographer: When entering a text in this field, a warning label on the given asset will show.
  • Usage rights warning: When entering a text in this field, a warning label on the given asset will show.
  • Publish date: Set a publish date to decide if the asset should be hidden until a certain date in the future or set todays date if you want it published right away.
  • Valid to: If an asset has an expiration date, and you know it upon upload, you can enter the date. This will hide the file at the given date.
  • Privacy session: Connect the uploaded assets to a GDPR Privacy photo session.
  • Title: The title off the asset. Will show under the asset preview in search result.
  • Description: Add a brief description of the asset so the users know what it contains, or where the motive of the image is from.
  • Tags: Add search tags the file. Enter 3 to 4 tags about what the asset contains/ shows. After writing a tag, press enter to create it.
  • Categories: Apply categories to the asset. Here the available categories created by the admins will show.
  • Complete upload: When you are happy with your meta-data, complete the upload by pressing the “Complete upload” button.


Knowledge base

Options for viewing assets

Place provides many options for previewing assets. This allows you to view your assets exactly the way you like without having to be locked to one single way of browsing. Below you will find an overview of the options.

Selecting a view

You can view the search result in several different view modes. You can also drag the slider to increase or decrease the size of the assets in the search result. Below we explain the different views.

Click the view selector to browse between the following asset views:

  • Tiles View (Fill asset)
  • Tiles view (Fit asset)
  • List view
  • Masonry Grid
  • Map view
  • Adjust the amount assets shown in the search view.
Tiles View (Fill asset)

The Tiles (Fill asset) view will expand the asset preview inside the result box until it reaches each corner of the square.

Tiles view (Fit asset)

The Tiles view (fit Asset) is the default view of the system. This view shows the whole asset and will pad the sides inside the result box.

List view

The List view will show you the search result in a list with key meta-data.

Masonry Grid

The Masonry Grid will let you view the search result as an image collage where the assets are fitted in to each other in based on aspect ratio.

Map view

The map view shows assets based on Geo location stored in the image. You can also set a geo location for an asset after it is uploaded.


Knowledge base

Downloading assets

In Place you can download the files made available to you. Some files may be available in several formats. Images can also be cropped and downloaded in the available file formats.

Single asset download
  1. Press the download icon to open the download options
  2. Select the version you want to download
Multi-asset download
  1. Make a selection of assets. You can use the checkbox, hold “ctrl” or press the first asset, then hold shift, and press the last asset to make the selection
  2. Click download to show the download options
  3. The available file versions that are common for the assets in the selection will be available. Click the version you would like to download
  1. Give the zip file a suiting name so you can easily find it in your download folder.
  2. Click Download
  1. When the system is done packaging you file, you can download it from the right bottom corner.
Downloading from the preview panel

When you have selected a file, the preview panel will pop inn from the right side. Here you can download the different versions of the file available.

  1. Show the download versions of the file
  2. Select the version of the asset that you would like to download from the list of available formats
Asset details download

If you open the asset details from the Preview Panel, you can go to the download tab to see available versions. Here there might be file versions available that have not yet been generated. Not all files are generated upon upload.

  1. This tab shows all download options of an asset.
  2. Here the ready version of a file shows. You can grab a sharing link or click the download arrow to download the file.
  3. If the list of available versions is visible, not all asset variants have been generated. You can use the checkbox to select what versions to generate.
  4. As ad editor, you can restrict downloading of certain assets. If you do this, only users with an on access right to restricted files can download it (usually just editors)
Crop and download

If you navigate to the cropping tab withing asset details, you can make a cropped version of an image, and select a version to download.

  1. The cropping tab shows all cropping options.
  2. Select the crop option you need.
  3. Make a crop selection before downloading.
  4. Click the checkbox for the version of the file you want to download.
  5. The download button becomes active when you have selected a download version.