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Professional, powerful, on-brand banner ads – created, adapted and updated by your team.


Take your campaign online in no time

Whatever your marketing message, get it out in the world in a matter of minutes. Translate and tailor banners for audiences and sub-brands worldwide. Change graphics, layouts, frames, text, transitions and more, all without compromising on style or quality. Then build, preview and publish from one central place.


Output in a range of sizes

Set your sizes and export your responsive ads in a wide range of popular formats. No stress and no room for error.

Static or animated

Our easy-to-use banner builder can be used by anyone after just an hour’s training. Keep it simple with static or go all in and animate.


Import product information and images straight from your systems and ensure 100% accuracy across your ads.

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If someone hasn't got Papirfly, get it. It saves time, saves money, it saves effort and it just allows everyone to be able to become an employee advocate.
Discover how the Vodafone team simplified their marketing production through a single platform.
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Learn everything you need to know in just an hour.

You don't need to be a design expert to create professional, studio-standard marketing. Under the guidance of a dedicated Papirfly expert, your training will give you everything you need to start creating. 

Over 500,000 BAM by Papirfly™ users worldwide and counting

BAM by Papirfly™ is constantly evolving

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