Unification, which started at the end of 2022 and will be launched to the market in May 2023 (be the first to get access), will see us bring all of our products’ strengths together for the first time. Where customers might have only used – and loved – one or two products in the past they’ll be able to access all of them in one enterprise-grade tool. One access, one look and feel, one ecosystem. Further, we’ll be able to add our latest product – deep analytics and reporting capability – to the heart of the joined-up product, launching what will be known as Prove simultaneously

We had a market-leading product in each of our service areas. We didn’t have glaring gaps, we didn’t have to focus on ‘fixing’ broken products, and we didn’t have significant innovation gaps in the market either. This meant we knew, very quickly, that our primary task was to bring everything together in one family.

Increased efficiency: By having all the necessary tools in one platform, users can work more efficiently and complete tasks more quickly. Improved collaboration: With all team members using the same platform, collaboration becomes easier and more streamlined.

Data accuracy: With all data synced across all products within the platform, data accuracy is improved and discrepancies are minimized.

Customisability: Users can choose which products within the platform they want to use, allowing for a customizable experience.

Cost-effective: Using a platform of 5 different products is often more cost-effective than purchasing each product separately from another company.

Papirfly’s new Unified Platform suite allows customers to buy products that suit their requirements, and are designed to complement each other and provide a comprehensive solution to a specific problem or need you have. The Unified Platform will provide a comprehensive suite of products and allows for the transference of data and objects between its various products, enabling users to efficiently and effectively manage their workflow.

Norwegian and English, but Papirfly is always expanding our language capabilities, and will have further information on this soon.

You can have multiple instances of Point within the same customer. Each instance can be fully tailored to each brand’s individual needs. Assets and templates can be shared between the portals if applicable

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